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In today's business world, your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your business. In the new economic order where digital marketing methods dominate the market, brand is among the main indicators of your competitiveness. In global marketplaces where the same or similar goods and services are offered by different companies, your brand acts as a bridge between your customers and your company, distinguishing your company's goods and services from your competitors' products and making you preferred.

The Importance of Trademark Registration in Turkey

Brand equity is based on the value your customers attach to your brand and represents your company's financial value and strength relative to competing trademarks. Therefore, trademark registration and protection not only prevents unfair use of your trademark, but also protects the financial value of your company. Provisions regarding the registration and protection of trademarks in Turkey are regulated by the Turkish Industrial Property Law No. 6769.

What is a Trademark in Turkey?

A trademark is a variety of signs, such as words, letters, numbers, images, used to identify a company's goods or services. Colors, holograms, multimedia signs and sounds can also be trademarked. Essentially, a trademark must make it possible to distinguish the goods or services of one company from the goods or services of other companies. For this reason, a trademark that wishes to be registered in the trademark registry must be represented in the registry in a way that the subject of the protection enjoyed by the trademark owner can be clearly understood.

How to Protect a Brand in Turkey?

In accordance with the Turkish Industrial Property Law No. 6769, trademark protection comes into force from the date on which the compliance of the brand with the relevant legislation is determined by the Turkish Patent and the trademark owner applies for registration in the Turkish trademark registry. Obtaining trademark protection provides the trademark owner with the right to use the trademark exclusively in the registered goods and/or service class. It also gives the right to seek legal sanctions in case of violation. Thus, a registered trademark not only protects your company from loss of sales, but also ensures the preservation of your company's image, reputation and financial value.

Trademark Registration Process in Turkey

Trademark registration applications in Turkey are made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Before applying, it is recommended to conduct trademark research in terms of the words used for the trademark and the classes of goods. This preliminary search prevents the applicant from wasting time and money. After the application is made, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office examines the application in terms of shape, similarity and trademark qualities. If there is no absolute reason for rejection, it accepts the application, publishes the relevant trademark in the Official Trademark Bulletin and opens it to objection by third parties. If there is no objection, the trademark is published in the registry and becomes a registered trademark. If the trademark is successfully registered in the Turkish trademark registry, it provides protection to the rightful owner for 10 years. The registered trademark can be renewed every ten years, provided that the application is made before the registration period expires.

Is International Trademark Protection Possible in Turkey?

A registered trademark provides trademark protection to the rightful owner only in the country where it is registered. However, with the Madrid System, it is possible to protect the trademark in more than one country with a single application. Türkiye has become a party to the Madrid Protocol since January 1, 1999. In this way, it has become possible for the trademark owner to request trademark registration in all countries that are party to the Madrid System with a single application from Turkey.

International Trademark Registration Process in Turkey

Trademark owners can benefit from the Madrid system if they are citizens of a country that is a member of the Madrid Protocol, reside in this country, or own a company in this country. Türkiye is a party to the Madrid Protocol. As a result, international trademark registration applications must be made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for trademarks registered or applied for in the Turkish trademark registry. After the application is made, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office first examines the formal requirements for international trademark registration and especially the suitability of the international trademark registration application with the basic trademark in Turkey. A fee is paid for the application to both the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and WIPO. Application fees vary depending on criteria such as the number of classes covered by the application and the number of countries covered by the application.

Registration Solutions in Turkey

A brand enables a good or service to be recognized at national and/or international level and to distinguish it from its competitors. With registration, the trademark gains legal ground and provides legal assurance to the trademark owner. Trademark protection gives the trademark owner a distinct competitive advantage over its competitors.

Trademark protection in Turkey is possible in two ways:

National trademark protection within the scope of Turkish Industrial Property Law No. 6769
International trademark protection under the Madrid System
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