Anatolia Trade Center Export from Anatolia to the World

Anadolu Trade Center and TARIMKON: Pioneering Agricultural and Food Industry Solutions

The Anadolu Trade Center, in partnership with TARIMKON, serves as a beacon of innovation and support in the agricultural and food sectors. Established to balance supply and demand, provide consultancy, and consolidate projects under one roof, TARIMKON enhances both economic cooperation and sustainable agricultural practices on a global scale.

TARIMKON’s Mission and Scope

The Concept and Foundations of TARIMKON

TARIMKON was founded with the vision of supporting the agricultural and related industries by offering consultancy and integrating projects to foster a balanced market. It operates under a philosophy of "market first, then production," ensuring that production aligns perfectly with market demands.

National and International Reach

Represented in 81 provinces and 640 districts through a network of administrative departments, federations, cooperatives, foundations, platforms, and business councils, TARIMKON has a commanding presence. Internationally, it extends over 56 countries with sales and marketing offices in 14 countries, making it one of the world's largest NGOs in its field.

TARIMKON’s Core Services and Offerings

Agricultural Consulting and Project Management

TARIMKON provides expert agricultural consulting and project management services, helping to optimize the efficiency of national and international agricultural operations.

Support Across Various Sectors

Beyond agriculture, TARIMKON supports a variety of sectors including food production, auxiliary industries, and more, facilitating economic collaboration and promoting sustainable practices.

The Division of Export Cost Input System (BİMG)

BİMG, a pivotal system within TARIMKON, focuses on reducing export costs and enhancing market access for Turkish products internationally, embodying the 'market first, production later' philosophy.

International Collaborations and Extensions

Global Network and Partnerships

TARIMKON's global outreach is bolstered by international branches and project partnerships, which provide services to over 6.5 million producers worldwide, enhancing its impact and scope.

WTDBC’s Role and Contributions

The World Trade Business Development Council (WTBDC) focuses on boosting international trade, supporting Turkish businesses in expanding their global footprint through strategic marketing and investment initiatives.

Engaging with TARIMKON’s Services

Businesses interested in leveraging TARIMKON’s extensive network and services can engage through various channels, benefiting from its broad array of support services and international expertise.


TARIMKON and the Anadolu Trade Center are pivotal in driving forward the agricultural and food industries by integrating innovative solutions with sustainable practices. Entities looking to expand their reach in these sectors are encouraged to collaborate with TARIMKON to harness both local expertise and global opportunities.

FAQs, Anatolia Trade Center Export from Anatolia to the World

1- What is TARIMKON’s main objective in the agricultural and food sectors?

Answer: TARIMKON aims to balance supply and demand, provide expert consultancy services, and consolidate projects under one roof to promote economic cooperation and sustainable agricultural practices. Its overarching goal is to support the agricultural and food industries both nationally and internationally.

2- How does TARIMKON support international trade and exports?

Answer: TARIMKON supports international trade through its Division of Export Cost Input System (BİMG), which reduces export costs and facilitates market access for Turkish producers. Additionally, it operates sales and marketing offices in 14 countries and has partnerships across 56 countries to enhance global reach and efficiency.

3- Can businesses outside of Turkey collaborate with TARIMKON?

Answer: Yes, TARIMKON welcomes collaboration with businesses outside of Turkey. Through its international branches and extensive network, TARIMKON provides resources, consultancy, and support to global partners, aiming to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability worldwide.

4- What specific services does TARIMKON offer to local and international members?

Answer: TARIMKON offers a wide range of services including agricultural consulting, project management, market research, and educational programs. It also provides specialized services like export facilitation, international marketing, and investment support, aimed at enhancing the global competitiveness of its members.

5- How can a company or individual become a member of TARIMKON?

Answer: To become a member of TARIMKON, interested parties should contact the organization directly through their official website or one of their local offices. Membership involves an initial consultation to assess needs and how TARIMKON's services can be most beneficial, followed by registration in the appropriate category of services.

These FAQs provide a clear overview of TARIMKON's services, objectives, and opportunities for collaboration, suitable for potential partners and stakeholders looking to engage with this influential organization in the agricultural and food sectors.

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