Our Global Consulting Services in Turkey

Jit Consulting Company Profile

Businesses or institutions need knowledge and experience, both in terms of legislation and technology. Reaching this experience and knowledge in the shortest way provides both time and financial benefits for businesses.

As JIT CONSULTING, we serve all our stakeholders with a sense of responsibility without sacrificing quality in order to adapt to all these processes, to meet the current needs in vertical or horizontal areas of expertise, and even to meet the expertise support that businesses and institutions need in sectoral, financial or technical orientations in these processes.

JİT CONSULTANCY, which is within the body of JIT; While aiming to provide superiority to its competitors in the national and international market regardless of the geographical location and scale of the enterprises, it also provides all the necessary support for its customers with its wide range of services, experienced, competent and senior expert staff. At the same time, the support to benefit from grant funds provided by national or international institutions and organizations actively plays an important role in project management and faster and more effective progress of existing processes in order to carry out R&D and innovation studies.

JIT CONSULTING; With its competent and experienced expert staff, it provides support in the planning, coordination, initiation, execution, monitoring, finalization and reporting of many national and international grant programs. In this context, your business can receive support in the following service areas;

  1. Project Management Support,
  2. Entering the Project Market,
  3. Project Poster Creation Support,
  4. Creation of Project Idea and Announcement Process Support in Different Calls,
  5. ITEA Platform Usage Support,
  6. Consortium Formation Support,
  7. Clarification of Project Scope Objectives, Opportunities and Risks Specific to Calls,
  8. Determination of Project Innovation,
  9. Creation of Project Work Packages,
  1. Creating the Project Business Plan in accordance with the Project Activities,
  2. Creation and Planning of Expense Items of Project Resources,
  3. Financial Resource Planning Support,
  4. Project Effort Distribution Calculation Support,
  5. Support for the creation of the main outputs of the project,
  1. 1509 TÜBİTAK Project Proposal File Creation Support (Work Packages, Budget, Main Outputs, Man-month Calculations, etc.)
  2. Referee Evaluation Process Support,
  3. Peer Monitoring Process Support,
  4. Creation and Follow-up of Project Contracts,
  5. Support for the implementation of the project output,
  6. Entrepreneurship Development Supports,
  7. Business Development, Growth and Globalization Supports,
  8. Cooperation Support Programs,
  9. KOBİGEL Support Program,
  10. R&D, Technological Production and Localization Supports,
  11. Strategic Product Support Programs,
  12. Overseas Market Supports,
  13. Incubation Center Supports,
  14. Project Finalization Support

Our consultancy service items can be offered to companies operating in every sector for all programs described below.

 Project Services in Turkey

Consultancy for National and International Grant Programs in Turkey

To develop market-oriented products and processes in order to reveal the R&D aspect of all institutions and organizations in national and international grant support programs, to further strengthen them and to ensure that they are recognized in different programs

There are many EUREKA programs where projects are supported. JIT CONSULTING; ITEA, Euripides, Celtic-Next, Eurogia clusters; other international grant programs include Horizon, ECSEL, Eurostars, UNDP, World Bank, IPA and also; planning, executing, coordinating, finalizing and reporting on the scopes to be defined for the targets determined for the targets determined for the incentives of institutions such as TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB, which are national grant It provides consultancy services to our stakeholders on relevant issues by successfully managing all processes in the project design stages of Support Programs processes.

International Grant Programs Consultancy in Turkey

 ITEA in Turkey

ITEA includes an industry-focused international call for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D) projects in the software industry. ITEA is also a cluster program of EUREKA, a cross-country network for R&D collaborations covering many countries around the world. In order to establish strong consortiums with different countries, project ideas that appeal to various sectors are announced. Each company can be included in project consortiums with its own competencies and innovative contributions.

 Euripides in Turkey

Euripides Grant program; It is a subset of EUREKA that encourages R&D projects for smart systems. With a wide range of applications from SMEs, Universities, Research Institutes and user organizations, Euripides covers the entire electronic system integration value chain, up to nested and adapted systems. We provide Euripides Grant consultancy services with our experienced and competent engineers who have developed solutions and projects for many different institutions and organizations such as Municipalities, Shopping Malls, Prisons, AFAD on smart systems.

Türkiye'de Celtic Next (Celtic Plus)

CELTIC, a subset of EUREKA; (Cooperation for a sustained European Leadership in Telecommunication) Europe's telecommunications leadership is cooperation. He has basic areas of study on network structures, data mining, digital solutions, business and social problems. JIT CONSULTING; It carries out guidance and process follow-ups on behalf of the company in order to apply for the calls opened according to the competencies and needs of the companies it will undertake.

 EUROGIA in Turkey

EUROGIA2020 is a cluster of the EUREKA network, a decentralized intergovernmental initiative launched in 1985 to improve European competitiveness by supporting businesses, research centers and universities involved in international projects.

EUROGIA2020's goal is to support and encourage international partnerships that develop innovative projects in low-carbon energy technologies. JIT CONSULTING; It carries out guidance and process follow-ups on behalf of the companies in order to apply for the calls opened according to the competencies and needs of the companies to be consulted.

 World Bank in Turkey

The World Bank is a development bank established after the Second World War that funds developing countries by giving grants and/or loans to reduce development differences between countries. It supports many projects from infrastructure investments to social development, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. The bank, which has 189 members and offices in 130 headquarters, has 5 different organizations (IBRD, IDA, IFC, MIGA and ICSID) built on providing sustainable solutions. Providing a wide range of financial products and technical assistance support in all areas of development, the bank has financed 12,000 projects since its establishment. JIT CONSULTING leads the development of different projects through privatization studies for companies that want to benefit from the financing support of the bank, which provides grant support to non-governmental organizations, foundations and the private sector.

 HORIZON 2020 in Turkey

Horizon 2020; communities with a high-budget funding source to organizations; It is a European Union framework program that provides funding support for R&D and innovation projects that aim to strengthen them politically, scientifically and culturally. Real or legal persons who are competent to develop and carry out the specified research tasks can apply for the projects and programs to be supported. As JIT CONSULTING, we provide support to the Horizon 2020 grant support program, which is carried out together with the members of the European Union and candidate member countries, for all processes of project design activities with detailed information.

 UNDP in Turkey

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); works with the aim of eradicating poverty, reducing inequalities and exclusion; It aims to help countries build policies and leadership skills to achieve sustainable development. The institution, which provides "Project Implementation Support" to public institutions in Turkey, tries to develop entrepreneurship in Turkey, to remove the barriers to entrepreneurship and to expand the use of the internet, especially in the IT sector, by cooperating with the private sector.

JIT CONSULTING; At the point of determining the suitability of the contents of the program that supports the studies on this subject to the company, it takes an active role in all processes with its expert staff in the stages of applying to the calls opened according to the needs and competencies of the company, and in the development and execution of the projects.


Eurostars; It is an R&D-oriented cluster focused on supporting the projects of SMEs and large enterprises, regardless of any sector or technology field. The projects submitted to this program are within the scope of 1509 for a maximum period of 36 months, in accordance with the scales of the company

It is supported at rates of 60% or 75%. JIT CONSULTING; Based on its vast experience, it directs the projects that your company wants to realize to the appropriate calls opened in Eurostars and provides the necessary support and guidance throughout the project.


ECSEL (Electronics Components and System for European Leadership) is supported under Horizon 2020. It can take part in ECSEL projects in Turkey, where projects with a high level of technological maturity are supported, which are likely to turn into products. Our expert staff, who have mastered all the details of the two-stage ECSEL project application processes, are ready to provide consultancy services to companies in need.


Through the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), the European Union provides financial and technical support to Turkey's political and economic reforms. The purpose of these funds is to try to ensure the harmonization of Turkish legislation and standards with EU legislation and standards, to carry out these harmonization studies during the accession process of the relevant authorities and to build the capacities necessary for the implementation of reforms. In this context, JIT CONSULTING; It provides support in project creation, analysis, planning, execution and reporting and completion in accordance with the calls of this institution, which will provide grant support in ensuring that all kinds of innovation studies are supported by projecting.

Consultancy for National Grant Programs in Turkey

 TÜBİTAK in Turkey

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and the Technology and Innovation Support Programs Directorate (TEYDEB) offer different support programs in order to support the activities of organizations serving various sectors in the private sectors within the scope of innovation and R&D studies. JIT CONSULTING; It provides consultancy services in the stages of presenting and finalizing successful project ideas to grant programs published in accordance with organizations.

 KOSGEB in Turkey

JIT CONSULTING; We provide consultancy services with our expert staff in the stages of determining the support programs offered by KOSGEB (T.R. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development and Support Administration) for SMEs, their suitability for company competencies, listing the requirements at the application stages, creating expense items and following up the different types of support opened.

Management Services in Turkey

 Project Management Office Services (PMO) in Turkey

It has become a great need for all companies to realize a targeted job and to proceed in a planned and programmed manner with the digital world.  As JIT CONSULTING; Guiding your organization about project management with its competent staff in the field of Project Office Services, adapting the corporate memory to the company, project ensuring that its goals are advanced in accordance with its purpose, prioritizing projects in order of importance, distributing resources according to projects in line with the strategic goals of the company, as well as any ideas that the organization wants to project or the services they want to provide; Taking into account the criteria of the R&D vision, we provide consultancy services with our approach that does not compromise on quality by standing by the companies at all stages of the process steps that may arise

 Project Management Consultancy in Turkey

The effort made to produce a result-oriented and unique product / service according to the targets in each sector is considered as a project. Project management includes many management items such as planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, control, integration, procurement process, resource planning, communication, quality, risk and stakeholder management, contract processes in accordance with the start and end dates of all result-oriented services and is of great importance for all organizations. The advantages of project management consultancy for your organization;

  1. To develop cooperation with the project team,
  2. To increase customer satisfaction,
  3. To strengthen the innovative side of the project portfolio,
  4. Aligning the project with the business strategy,
  5. To ensure short and long-term risk management,
  6. To increase managerial efficiency throughout the project,
  7. To ensure the balance of time, cost and labor with the right resource management.

 PMI / PMP Process Consultancy in Turkey

Skill and knowledge management, which helps companies to make business decisions in the best way, includes project management processes. Project management; It needs leadership and supervision qualities in the stages of execution from the planning of the work / service to its completion. In order to provide services in different sectors, project management certification and training are among the first requirements.

Advantages of PMI / PMP services consultancy for your organization;

  1. Leadership traits,
  2. Ability to take action in important processes,
  3. Ensuring management by making strategic decisions,
  4. The advantage of being one step ahead in tenders and procurement,
  5. Having academic access authorization,
  6. Authorization for free global webinar access,
  7. Earnings increase,
  8. To be able to produce products in accordance with the wishes of the customer,
  9. To be able to make the right management,
  10. To be able to plan correctly,
  11. To be able to make resource planning,
  12. To be able to identify project risks and create necessary actions,
  13. To ensure customer satisfaction.

Consultancy Services  in Turkey

Consultants are defined as those who help to carry out all the services to be undertaken by any project in accordance with the determined plans or the scope of the contract criteria with knowledge, education, experience and skills, and also to supervise them correctly and on time. The consultant uses all his knowledge to increase the customer's gains. Being able to do a new project / job that we will produce completely and accurately due to the increase in competitiveness day by day is one of the most basic criteria sought and demanded by the business world. In this context, consultancy services are at the top of the list of needs of companies. Advantages of consultancy services consultancy for your organization;

  1. The process of preparing the technical specifications of the work to be carried out,
  2. Technical evaluation processes,
  3. Extraction and execution of control steps,
  4. Preparing the schedules of the work to be carried out,
  5. Follow-up of the procedural process to be followed in the realization of the work,
  6. Compilation of all extracted studies,
  7. Performing technical control,
  8. Ensuring communication and coordination between stakeholders,
  9. Field follow-up and controls,
  10. Organizing and following up technical meetings.

 Engineering Services in Turkey

Engineering Services; It provides many advantages in maximizing the efficiency of organizations and reducing expense costs by keeping their performance high. This service also provides the main advantages (such as fast, effective and optional efficiency) that bring expertise to companies by working effectively throughout the life cycle of the projects. Companies that receive this service increase the added value of management, performance, efficiency and innovation with the help of technology. JİT CONSULTING Engineering Services; By using the advantages of the technological age, it offers the organizations in the IT sector the stages of development, renewal, reaching the targeted solutions within the company and increasing the quality of management, with the principle of accurate forecasting and demand-oriented work.

Advantages of Engineering Services Consultancy for Your Organization;

  1. Increasing the quality of management,
  2. Expanding the sales portfolio by increasing productivity,
  3. Realization of effective and result-oriented studies,
  4. Revealing services with the use of technology suitable for the sector,
  5. Provision of design services,
  6. Realization of integration services,
  7. Calibration services.

 Domain Expert Support in Turkey

Thanks to our wide range of services, in the work items to be developed on a project or service basis, taking into account the interests of our customers; Field expert support with education, experience, competence and seniority can be provided in the sector needed by the companies and according to the desired periods.

In this context, the gains that your organization will gain with the support of field experts:

  1. Positioning the right personnel in the right position,
  2. Ensuring that we work with experts who have a good command of the technology to be used,
  3. Minimizing the loss of time for the search for competent personnel,
  4. Reducing the risks that may arise with the appointment of experienced personnel,
  5. Creating opportunities to work with competent people in the field by providing expert support to meet the demands and expectations.

 Academic Advising in Turkey

Companies need scientific consultancy support in order to gain more competence or not to be competent in national and international cooperation. Result-oriented progress can be achieved with academic advisors who have scientific saturation to take part in possible collaborations, who always follow and use new technologies as well as their academic career.

Advantages of Academic Advising for your organization;

  1. Working with academicians who have project development experience in the sector,
  2. To obtain information about the articles published in terms of competitiveness,
  3. To ensure that the ideas to be presented are strengthened with academic knowledge,
  4. To proceed in accordance with scientific stages,
  5. To create high-efficiency projects without sacrificing quality understanding.

Enterprise Resource Planning Consultancy  in Turkey

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a management system that organizations use to manage their business activities such as accounting, purchasing, project management, risk management, compliance and supply chain management, production planning, etc. Organizations need to be managed by digitizing all the creation processes from the part and carrying out the connection of all activities with each other from the beginning to the end. There is an intense flow of information in all processes, and the need for enterprise resource planning will be inevitable for the controlled operation and management of this information.

The advantages it will provide to your organization with Enterprise Resource Planning Consultancy;

  1. To be able to communicate more effectively and accurately with customers,
  2. Providing quality service understanding,
  3. Effective management of customer relations,
  4. Ensuring more controlled execution and follow-up of internal processes,
  5. Increasing the sales potential volume,
  6. Controlled reporting,
  7. Customer demands can be met transparently,
  8. Accessibility of project details,
  9. Successful management of human resources processes within the enterprise,
  10. Recording cargo and call information for the company,
  11. Recording and organizing internal activities (meetings, trainings, etc.),
  12. Creating a digital archive,
  13. Realization of in-house appointments,
  14. Planning sales and analysis needs in a healthier way in line with customer demands,

- Monitoring of personnel performances.

 Human Resources Consultancy in Turkey

Human Resources Department; In addition to being a bridge that undertakes the task of communication between the administrative staff and the employees in the companies, it ensures the operation and follow-up of the relevant processes in order to make the selection of experienced personnel in line with the company's goals and to reach the necessary competence of the existing personnel. One of the main factors that enable organizations to be recognized in the competitive environment is that they have competent personnel in accordance with the company's vision and mission.

Advantages of Human Resources consultancy for your organization;

  1. To employ experienced personnel who have a good command of technology,
  2. Editing the text of the advertisement for appropriate platforms,
  3. Managing interview processes,
  4. Realization of orientation processes,
  5. Creation of personnel contracts,
  6. Creating and tracking personnel-based embezzlement records,- Ensuring that personnel leaves are carried out in accordance with legal regulations,
  7. Carrying out activities to increase the motivation of employees,
  8. Measuring the performance of employees.
  9. Ensuring that personnel recruitment procedures are carried out on the basis of internal and official resources,

 Consultancy Services in Turkey

Certification Consultancy

"In the competitive market, competency certificates always ensure that your company is one step ahead. "

We ensure that globally accepted standards that ensure the continuous improvement of the business processes of their businesses and help them provide products and services that will meet and exceed customer expectations are actively applied in your business. Our expert consultants work with you at every step of the process to achieve certifications determined by on-site visits. The programs provide you with project plans, project checklists, regular consultant calls, document development, review activities, and much more.

NATIONAL / NATO Secret Facility Security Certificate  in Turkey

NATIONAL / NATO Secret Facility Security Document; It is a document stating that the protection measures designed by taking into account the location and environmental conditions of the facility and the external and internal threats to which it may be exposed are appropriate in order to ensure the physical security of confidential information, documents, projects and materials that are or may be found in a facility. It is obligatory to obtain the Facility Security Certificate from companies that want to apply for the projects included in the War Arms and Ammunition Industry List, that aim to provide the Turkish Armed Forces with the supply of weapons, tools, equipment and all kinds of logistics necessities related to the Defense Industry, and that provide war industry services.

Scope of service;

  1. Arrangement of the physical structure of the facility in accordance with the criteria for pre-audit services,
  2. Support for the necessary actions for the TEMPEST report (TÖGEK Handbook and Annexes),
  3. Preparation of mandatory application documents,
  4. Private Security Permit Application,
  5. Personal Security Certificate (KGB) Application,
  6. NATO Secret Facility Security Certificate (TGB) Application,
  7. NATIONAL SECRET FACILITY Security Certificate (TGB) application,
  8. Post-application audit preparation support,
  9. Preparation of a detailed audit briefing,
  10. Planning and duration of training,
  11. It includes the provision of personnel training for sustainability.

 Production Permit Certificate in Turkey

Production Permit Certificate is a document issued by the Defense Industry National Security Authority following the permission given to the organizations with the approval of the Minister of National Defense as a result of the inspections to be carried out through the Inspection Committee in order for them to produce within the scope of Law No. 5201.

Organizations that want to change their jobs or work as subcontractors to operate in the field of defense industry obtain permission from the Defense Industry National Security Authority. There is no need to obtain a Production Permit Certificate for activities that support production, such as material transportation and insurance, which are within the scope of service production that supports production. If the organization is on the list subject to control and a Production Permit Certificate is required, it is expected to have a Facility Security Certificate first.

Scope of service:

  1. Conducting and following up the application processes related to the capacity report,
  2. MSB. Determination of the material / product from the Controlled Material List,
  3. Service for the preparation of mandatory documents,
  4. Carrying out the application monitoring processes related to the preliminary examination,
  5. Preparation of 2 copies of the protocol text,
  6. Establishment permit application processes,
  7. Carrying out the production permit application processes,
  8. Providing audit support,

If the audit is positive, it includes the services of carrying out the processes of obtaining the document.

 TS ISO / IEC 15504 SPICE in Turkey

SPICE; TS ISO / IEC 15504 SPICE certificate has become mandatory for the investments to be made by organizations regarding information and communication technologies. The service items we provide as JİT CONSULTING in the stages of performing all work steps related to the analysis, follow-up, control, management, training, evaluation, measurements and reporting processes of the internal processes and projects of the organizations are as follows:

Making the necessary analyzes, plans and organizations for the SPICE compliance of the projects,

  1. Extracting business analyses and flows of organizations,
  2. Procurement process group supports,
  3. Procurement process group supports,
  4. Engineering process group supports,
  5. Operational process group supports,
  6. Support Process group supports,
  7. Management Process group supports,

Process development process group supports.

CMMI in Turkey

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration); It is recognized as an important model in the world for the operation, improvement and adaptation of processes such as cost, time, planning and performance in software projects processes.

Scope of service;

  1. Feasibility study support,
  2. Making the necessary analyzes, plans and organizations for the CMMI compliance of the projects,
  3. In-house organization and project organization support,
  4. Support for documentation activities of processes,
  5. Necessary detection and regulation support for improvement activities,
  6. Support for providing the necessary trainings on the processes,
  7. Support for internal audit processes,
  8. Support for management activities related to all business items.

 TSE Service Qualification Certificates in Turkey

TSE Service certification is a certification that shows that the services offered to the consumer comply with Turkish Standards or criteria related to production or activity areas. There are different standards specific to different production or service areas determined by TSE. After the implementation of the production or service according to these standards is inspected by TSE, if compliance is determined, the document given to the organizations is the Service Qualification Certificate. According to the Consumer and Competition Protection Law No. 4077, the certificate can be obtained by organizations that manufacture and import products that are covered by the warranty, and it has been accepted as mandatory to obtain the certificate for enterprises producing industrial products.

To have TSE certificate;

  1. The advantage of being able to stand out from other companies in public and private sector tenders,Providing the service in accordance with certain rules for a certain period of time,
  2. Increased customer satisfaction,
  3. Increased trust and reputation in service,
  4. It provides speed and convenience in reaching the market.

The activity of the documents will continue to be valid if the institutions are audited at intervals determined by TSE and the certification conditions are still met.

 ISO 27001-2013 Information Security Management System in Turkey

ISO 27001; It is a document in international standards and can be applied in every business regardless of the sector. The fields of activity that have been made institutionally mandatory are;

  1. Providing internet services,
  2. Operating in the field of satellite and communication,
  3. Operating in the field of infrastructure management,
  4. Operating in the field of electronic communication,
  5. Signing assignment and concession contracts,
  6. Those who want to have priority in customs affairs,
  7. Providing virtual mobile network services,
  8. Operating in the field of fixed or mobile phones,
  9. Operating in the IT sector,
  10. It has been made mandatory for companies that provide software and hardware services.

Having an information security certificate provides an advantage in the management of information security processes within the organization. Although this document is not mandatory for institutions other than the above fields of activity; In addition to adding prestige and prestige to the institutions that own it, it adds power in the competitive market.

For the certification processes of companies that aim to have this certificate within the scope of information security, JİT CONSULTING provides services with a quality and safe service understanding with its expert staff who have a good command of the relevant regulations and details

 ISO 20000-1:2011 Information Technology Service Management System in Turkey

ISO 20000-1; ; It is an international service management standard. It is mostly used for Information Technology Services and facility management. An organization's Information Technology Service Management System (ITSMS) processes provide an advantage to the organization in terms of internal processes, but also ensure that the organization is at an international level. This standard; It helps organizations compare how managed services are delivered and how they can measure service levels and evaluate their performance. As a sector, Information Technology companies can obtain this certificate. ISO 20000-1 certificate is required for tenders for procurement of services related to information technologies. The Revenue Administration of the Ministry of Finance requires this document for companies that are e-invoice integrators.

Companies that have the certificate;

  1. Documenting the IT competencies of the company,
  2. Providing clear, accurate support and service and satisfaction understandings in studies for customer needs,
  3. Correct management of work with process management,
  4. Effective and efficient use of resources,

It will also have many advantages such as determining roles and competencies in service delivery.

 ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in Turkey

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate is needed by organizations in order to manage and improve their internal operations in line with the goals and strategies they will determine. There may also be a certification that organizations must obligatory according to their business portfolio. In this context, our service items that we will offer as JİT CONSULTING are as follows:

  1. Carrying out the necessary documentation and infrastructure works for the establishment of the Quality Management System,
  2. Creating the document structure and working for authorization systems,
  3. Creation of the Quality Manual,
  4. Support for the operation of processes (creation of flows),
  5. Providing personnel training,
  6. Support for the application for certification and the realization of audits,
  7. Analysis of the existing system and planning of the work to be done for the transition to the quality management system.

All companies that want to have this certificate, regardless of the sector, can gain an advantage by getting service from our JİT CONSULTING company on the above support items.

 ISO 14001: Environmental Management System in Turkey

ISO 14001; Designed for all types of organizations, regardless of their field of activity or the industries served, it provides assurance to company management, employees and external stakeholders that environmental impact is measured and improved.

  1. Active participation of employees and leadership participation,
  2. Stakeholder trust and company reputation,
  3. Creating a competitive and financial advantage by increasing efficiency and reducing costs,

-It also integrates suppliers into the internal system of the organization and ensures better environmental performance. This standard has recently been revised with significant improvements such as the increasing importance of environmental management in the organization's strategic planning processes, more input from leadership, and a stronger commitment to proactive initiatives that improve environmental performance.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System  in Turkey

ISO 45001; It is a valid document for every business and organization that employs workers, regardless of its sector or size. Designed to be integrated into an organization's existing management processes, it follows the same high-level structure as other ISO management system standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). ISO 45001 adopts a risk-based approach that enables an organization to be effective and subject to continuous improvement to meet its ever-changing context.

With this document, the organization;

  1. Minimizing workplace accidents,
  2. Reducing personnel turnover,
  3. Increasing productivity,
  4. Ability to meet requirements,
  5. It can have advantages such as a reputation boost.

ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management System  in Turkey

The concept of business continuity mentioned by the ISO 22301 standard; To respond to interruptions that cause the flow of products, services and services provided by any business or an organization It is all of the activities that will provide.

Organizations with ISO 22301 Standard; It specifies the requirements needed to develop a management system that they have documented in order to create the necessary plans, implements, operates, monitor, review, maintain, protect and prepare to reduce risks and recover their existing systems from possible unexpected events in order to ensure business continuity in their existing systems.

With ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Consultancy to be provided by JIT Consultancy, your organization;

  1. It will easily reduce downtime and improve recovery time in the face of incidents,
  2. The organization will provide emergency services for itself and other organizations and public institutions with which it is in contact,
  3. By minimizing the impact of the events, the supply chain of the Organization will be secured from possible damages.

 ISO 10002: Customer Satisfaction Management System in Turkey

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System; It is a management system that guides you by helping you identify the areas that you can improve in your organization, eliminate the causes of complaints, define the necessary management tools to manage customer complaints more effectively and efficiently, and allows you to be satisfied with the service you offer for a wider portfolio.

With ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Consultancy to be provided by JIT Consulting, your organization;

  1. Thanks to customer feedback with ISO 10002, progress will be made in the direction you aim to direct your company's mission and vision,
  2. Thanks to the customer feedback provided by the ISO 10002 standard, it is possible to provide service in accordance with the company culture by ensuring that your personnel act consciously and carefully,
  3. With ISO 10002, customer loyalty is increased and the development of your service management system is ensured interactively,
  4. With the competencies provided by the ISO 10002 standard, the feeling that you care about your customers will be easily reflected to the other party, and thus you will provide a business partnership with all your stakeholders in trust and stability.

Digital World in Turkey: E-Transformation Consultancy

You can easily achieve the goals you set by providing all the consultancy and supervision services needed in technical scaling, system architecture, evaluation and project monitoring in the projects to be carried out during the implementation of the roadmap for e-transformation.

As JİT CONSULTING, we provide consultancy services with our expert staff for the processes of obtaining a license right for a private integrator authorized by the Revenue Administration (Revenue Administration) of the Republic of Turkey. We accelerate your transformation processes and provide time and cost advantages with our digital platform, which is registered as 100% domestic production with the name and logo of TURK INVOICE in e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, e-Waybill, e-SMM, e-MM and e-Ticket applications, which are included in our e-Transformation solutions. On the other hand, our company is a solution partner of SAP, MICROSOFT and ORACLE at home and abroad and works fully integrated with these ERP systems.

We provide 24/7 service with our R&D team consisting of competent and experienced engineer staff and our own call center personnel. In all our e-Transformation solutions, e-signature and KEP address services are also offered in a fully integrated manner. As a company that adopts quality as a principle with our customer satisfaction and perfectionist perspective, we act with the understanding of accurate and reliable service.

The services we provide as E-Transformation;

      1. E-Invoice (Türk Invoice),
      2. E-Arşiv Invoice (Türk Invoice),
      3. E-Waybill (Turkish Invoice),
      4. E-Self-Employment Receipt (Turkish Receipt),
      5. E-Producer Receipt (Turkish Receipt),
      6. E-Defter (Türk Defter),
      7. E-Ledger Storage (Turkish Ledger),
      8. E-Storage (Turkish Storage),
      9. E-Reconciliation (Turkish Consensus),
      10. Pre-Accounting (Turkish Accounting Program),
      11. Official Accounting (Turkish Accounting Program),
      12. E-Backup (Turkish Storage),
      13. KEP (Registered Electronic Mail),
      14. E-signature.

 Cyber Security Consultancy in Turkey

As JIT CONSULTING, our main goal in Cyber Security activities is to protect your confidential data and workforce against foreign and malicious third parties who do not have access rights. All activities carried out to protect against possible malicious attacks while all your computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems and data in your communication networks are in circulation. JIT CONSULTING, with its competent and experienced staff, provides consultancy services in the field of Cyber Security as well as in many fields.

Information takes its place as the most valuable asset today. The confidentiality and security of information are among the most important criteria in this context. Information security and management should be managed within the framework of certain standards. We can list the service contents that we will offer as JİT CONSULTING as follows;

  1. To carry out Penetration / Penetration Test applications in order to ensure system security and data protection ,
  2. Internal audits, Penetration Test, etc. to make contributions to the sustainability of the management system with the results to be obtained after the applications,
  3. Security such as confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all information assets

To work according to the standards of the Information Security Management System by providing its functions,

  1. Creating strategies to determine the types of data received/to be received from customers,
  2. Creating a data inventory,
  3. To detect ALL structured / unstructured data in network systems,
  4. To classify the recorded personal data according to their qualities,
  5. Evaluation, review and internal audit activities in certain periods gerçekleştirmek.
  6. Develop technologies, policies and systems to sustainably implement the stated objectives.

 Data and Data Access Security in Turkey

Access to data should be kept at high levels as well as data security in businesses. As long as access to data from inside or outside is not controlled, cyber security will not be fully ensured. JİT CONSULTING provides a controlled infrastructure by taking part in all processes from classification to access of data with the service provided. For processes such as classifying data, determining the degree of confidentiality, defining and authorizing user roles within the institution or company, and recording access information, JİT CONSULTING provides consultancy by sharing its expertise in the field of Informatics with you.

 Information Security Management System Consultancy in Turkey

Information takes its place as the most valuable asset today. The confidentiality and security of information are among the most important criteria in this context. Information security and management should be managed within the framework of certain standards, the content of the service we will offer can be defined as follows;

  1. Penetration / Penetration Testing applications to ensure the security of systems and protection of data,
  2. To make contributions to the corporate management system to ensure sustainability with the results to be obtained after internal audits, Penetration Testing, etc.,
  3. To ensure the security functions such as confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all information assets         , that is, to work according to the standards of the Information Security Management System (ISMS),
  4. Creating strategies to determine the types of data received/to be received from customers,
  5. Creating a data inventory,
  6. Retrospectively- in network systems to detect ALL structured / unstructured data,
  7. To classify the recorded personal data according to their qualities,
  8. To reach ALL customers whose data is desired to be stored retrospectively and to inform customers about the intentions of the institution,
  9. To obtain the consent of employees and customers informed about the purposes of data processing by reasonable methods,
  10. Develop technologies, policies and systems to implement all of the above in a sustainable way,
  11. To carry out evaluation, review and internal audit activities in certain periods.

 Network and Cloud Security in Turkey

Today, there are more and more threats to applications and programs aimed at stealing information. Although security starts in computer networks, it has become an indispensable element to take precautions with end-to-end security solutions as well as being network-based. In this case, along with products such as Firewall and IPS, which provide network-based security for companies, Web Security, End User Security, Network Access Control, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions should be considered as parts that complement the security whole. JİT CONSULTING provides consultancy services with its expert staff for the following solutions regarding security structures in Bilişim Network security and Cloud systems;

1- Firewall – (Web Application Firewall, Network Firewall, Shield),

2- IPS – IDS – DDoS – DoS,

3- Web Filtering- Proxy,

4- KMS (Key Management System),

5- Cloud / OnPremise Active Directory,

6- VPN, Identity Access Control Manager,

7- Resource Access Manager,

8- SSO (Single Login Key),

9- Certificate Manager,

10- HSM (Hardware Encryption Modules),

Security Consultancy for IOT (Internet Of Things) Systems in Turkey

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of devices connected to the internet. It encompasses all devices that can connect to the internet, including electronic devices that have not been online in the past, such as a copier, a refrigerator at home, or a coffee maker in a break room. An end-to-end security approach is required to protect employees, customers, valuable operational technologies, and business investments by providing a secure IoT infrastructure. Unauthorized access to these devices will harm not only your data, but also your physical workspace and even your commercial or personal privacy. JIT CONSULTING offers you consultancy with its vast experience in information infrastructures and communication lines so that a gradual approach can be used to protect your devices and connections for IoT security.

1- Firewall – (Web Application Firewall, Network Firewall, Shield),

2- IPS – IDS – DDoS – DoS,

3- Web Filtering- Proxy,

4- KMS (Key Management System),

5- Cloud / OnPremise Active Directory,

6- VPN, Identity Access Control Manager,

7- Resource Access Manager,

8- SSO (Single Login Key),

9- Certificate Manager,

10- HSM (Hardware Encryption Modules),

Our Legal and Forensic Consultancy Services in Turkey

IT Law Consultancy

With the development of technology and the internet, the issue of IT law has started to be on the agenda more frequently. Because of the relationship between informatics and human rights, information technology law has an important place in the protection of personal data. Although information technology law is important for every real and legal person in relation to the changing world order, the rights and obligations related to information technology law should be known in detail and necessary measures should be taken to fulfill these rights and obligations in order to protect and prevent damage to the information security of companies and their customers who frequently use information systems. Legal consultancy support on IT law is necessary at this point. In the face of the unlimited structure of the information world, the protection of the rights of real and legal persons in the most accurate way and the prevention of all damages that may occur can only be prevented by simple and effective methods to be carried out with the consultancy of experts in the field. JIT CONSULTING also provides you with consultancy on legal issues with its lawyers.

Protection of Personal Data in Turkey : KVKK (GDPR)

Among the main objectives of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) are to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life, at the point of processing personal data, and to regulate the obligations of real and legal persons who process personal data and the procedures and principles to be followed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law. The provisions of this law must be applicable to real persons whose personal data are processed and to real and legal persons who receive this data fully or partially automatically or process it by non-automatic means, provided that they are part of any data recording system. Today, companies are expected to fully comply with KVKK obligations.

  1. Conducting internal compliance analyses by our consultancy,
  2. Determining the policies to be followed in terms of KVKK compliance within the company with our consultancy,
  3. Detection of protocols in case of data breach with our consultancy,
  4. Reviewing the contracts and conducting the necessary analysis studies for situations that require changes,
  5. Creation of explicit consent documents with our consultancy,
  6. In case of encountering an administrative process; Making arrangements to ensure that the information to be provided for KVKK is correct both technically and legally.

In case of non-compliance with the legal binding; Against sanctions or penalties, the entire business can get the necessary support by applying to our JİT CONSULTING company in order to create awareness about Personal Data Protection and especially to prevent the leakage of personal data of customers.

 Forensic Informatics Consultancy in Turkey

Forensic Informatics covers all processes until electronic evidence reaches the judicial authority. At the end of the Forensic Informatics process, the data obtained from the information systems or data unit are analyzed and turned into electronic evidence. The science of Forensic Informatics has emerged for the tracking of traces in the electronic environment. In order for electronic evidence to be in compliance with the law, it must be processed according to judicial procedures. As JİT CONSULTING, we provide consultancy services to you with our competent staff in the stages of supporting the detailed study on Forensic Informatics with a number of administrative measures and business philosophy.

The service items to be provided to your institution with Forensic Informatics consultancy are as follows;

      1. Creating awareness of criteria for the protection of electronic evidence,
      2. Determination of the procedural compliance of electronic data,
      3. Ensuring compliance with ISO/IEC 27037:2012 certificate,
      4. Raising awareness about        how to store or destroy electronic data within the scope of KVKK,
      5. Regulating the access authorizations of internet-connected devices that may be electronic evidence,
      6. Fraud Analysis,
      7. Expert Opinion (Expert Service)

 Technological Solutions and Infrastructure Consultancy for Information Systems in Turkey

Information systems solutions include dynamic processes that are constantly developing and changing with the increase in technological innovations and the integration of people into their business, social and private lives. With the increase in data arising from the inclusion and use of technology in many areas, it is necessary to transform the data into information and manage it by using it in the right place and time. In this context, JIT CONSULTING offers services that can be customized according to different sectors and usage areas under the following headings.

Technological Infrastructure Planning and System Architectures for Information Systems in Turkey

Technology takes its place as the most important factor in the efficient and effective operation of institutions and organizations. In this context, in order to benefit from technology in the most efficient and effective way, every business must have the right technological infrastructure. Establishing the right and effective infrastructure for flexible and smoothly working systems in the global world is the basis of this process.

As JİT CONSULTING, we provide consultancy services at all stages  of your Technological System and Network infrastructure projects, starting from the first field research and error analysis, to the complete design, implementation and support  of the systems.We can build your infrastructure works in a flexible and scalable manner with the leading manufacturers of the sector and determine together whether your existing infrastructure meets your business needs.

 End-to-End Information Systems Consultancy in Turkey

Although technology meets different and changing needs, it does not constitute a solution on its own. In order to meet variable expectations, solutions must be produced according to integrated processes. As JIT CONSULTING, for system integration services that include minimizing risks, providing maximum benefit from IT investments and  offering an integrated solution regardless of brands; project management, requirements analysis, design of tailor-made systems, enterprise application development studies, adaptation and integration, software hardware and network technologies integration, communication infrastructure installation and integration, technology consultancy and training, we provide an integrated system management and after-sales support services with our expert staff.

Data Center Solutions in Turkey

Data Center Solutions help you plan and manage your organization's critical facilities and environments within the framework of standards such as TSE, ITIL, TIA, BICSI, UPTIME.  As JİT CONSULTING, our services within the scope of Data Center Solutions; It covers a complete spectrum starting from assessment, strategy and design and extending to implementation and operational activities. We offer a turnkey project consultancy service such as feasibility studies, budget calculation, site selection, procurement, installation and configuration of active and passive devices to be provided with our experienced and competent staff who have the necessary knowledge, methodology and tools to manage your investments in your data center and increase your business performance.

 Cloud Systems Solutions in Turkey

Services that allow the data and software of an institution or organization to be stored on a virtual server, in other words, on the cloud, and to access this data independently of the device from the internet environment are called Cloud Computing Services or Cloud Computing. The most important factor in moving your business to Cloud Systems; It is the process of moving systems that work uninterruptedly without data loss. With Cloud Computing Technologies, we offer consultancy services to perform all these operations and create cost savings.

Solution Consultancy for Smart Cities in  Turkey

 Smart Municipalism in Turkey

"With the integration of technology into social and business life, the smart city concept has started to be implemented in all areas in all countries quickly. The services to be provided within the scope of Smart Municipality consist of combining the components related to the use of information technologies, sustainable development and environmental friendliness, which are at the forefront of the realization of smart city goals. JIT CONSULTING offers solutions for adaptations in accordance with the city concept by applying the services it offers in the smart city concept primarily in municipalities. The services offered in this context are as follows:

      1. Environmental pollution and safety solutions
      2. Solutions to solve the transportation problem (traffic, parking, etc..)
      3. Solutions that can manage and monitor energy consumption
      4. Smart solutions for the quality and delivery of healthcare services
      5. Solutions that can manage and monitor water consumption
      6. Smart solutions and suggestions for urban transformation

Smart Perimeter Security Systems Consultancy  in Turkey

Smart Perimeter Security Systems are installed along the line surrounding the outermost area of the places to be protected (such as garden, wall, fence) by integrating them into existing electronic security systems. Thus, it is ensured that the threat can be monitored and recorded, the historical alarm records can be archived on an operator basis in order to automatically direct to the point where the specified limits are exceeded without permission, and to examine suspicious situations. In case of violation or suspicious situations, system security is maximized by taking instant intervention and precautions with artificial intelligence systems.

As JİT CONSULTING, the services we offer within the scope of Smart Perimeter Security Systems are as follows:

  1. Environmental security and physical intrusion detections,
  2. Along with other technologies such as video surveillance, automatic camera tracking, zoom, object classification,
  3. High detection quality combined with automatic, advanced verification thanks to visualization on general maps and the like,
  4. To provide better security in critical infrastructure areas,
  5. Combining multiple security technologies,
  6. Indoor detection systems for advanced warning purposes,
  7. Video surveillance and analysis systems,
  8. Integrated security solutions.

 Intelligent Transportation Systems Consultancy in Turkey

It is different at the point of integration of developing technology into human life solutions and management processes are operated. Thanks to the developments in technology, it is aimed to maintain an innovative, safe and comfortable life. In this context, the services offered in intelligent transportation systems systems as JIT CONSULTING are as follows:

      1. Compatible solutions according to the road situation,
      2. Remote Control and Data Collection Stations,
      3. Compatibility with Various Communication Systems,
      4. Installation of Electronic Monitoring Systems (Speed Radars, License Plate Identification Systems, Average Speed Corridors, Warning Systems, Event Detection Systems)
      5. Video Image Capture and Processing Systems,
      6. WEB/Mobile Device Information Systems,
      7. Control Center Design and Installation,
      8. Instantaneous and average speed controls, variable road and traffic conditions automatically received over the road route, weather data, necessary warnings, directions, variable message and trafficworks within the scope of automatic management of traffic with signs.
      1. Optimization solutions for public transportation, people counting and capacity control systems

Smart Perimeter Security Systems Consultancy  in Turkey

High speed and efficiency can be achieved with IoT platforms that bring more effective and automated, measurable and intelligent systems. For all structures in a city, society; As JIT CONSULTING, we offer you consultancy in creative projects for systems that aim to increase the quality of life by touching basic needs such as housing quality, housing quality, building safety measures, building air conditioning and energy systems with a rational and technological approach.

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