Magna Solve Metal Roof Tiles

What is Magna Solve Metal Roof Tiles?

Our company, which has been serving in the Metal Coating sector for years, started to manufacture Metal Tiles as of 2016.

Magna Solve Metal Tile Roof Systems is the new solution partner of the construction sector and is primarily preferred in our country, Middle East and Eurasian countries. Magna Solve Metal Tile is the only company in Turkey that has production in European standards and certifications in full compliance with European standards.

Metal tile, which is widely used in Europe, America and Scandinavian countries; The steel is coated with galvanization, primer and paint and consists of eight layers in total. The product, which is resistant to all climatic conditions, provides a long service life under suitable conditions.

Why Metal Metal Roof Tiles?

Lightweight, long-lasting, durable, easy and fast assembly, economical, environmentally friendly, non-flammable and with a variety of colors; It is used in structures that seek aesthetics and durability. Magna Solve, which is among the metal tile manufacturers, is the first and only in our region.

Benefits of Magna Solve Metal Roof Tiles

According to BSE 10215-1995 standards in 0.40 mm standard and special thickness sizes up to 0.70 mm, zinc on both sides of the 150 gr/m2 steel sheet is coated with hot dip in alloy, epoxy-based primer is applied on both surfaces, the upper surface is coated with stone granules with colored acrylic primer and then pressed in the image of a tile.

As a final process, it is covered with a transparent acrylic layer and the product is ready to use. As a result, metal tiles are protective against mold, rust, rot, fungus, algae formation, chemical gases in the atmosphere and do not show flammable and freezing properties.

  1. Magna Solve Metal Tile Lightweight: For Turkey, which is located in the earthquake zone, the light weight of the roof is a great advantage. Because as the building gets heavier, the effect of the earthquake increases. The weight of Magna Solve is approximately 4.50-5.00 kg/m2 for 0.50mm. Thanks to its light weight, Magna Solve Metal Roof Tiles are also an ideal solution for all weak structures undergoing renovation.
  2. Magna Solve Metal Tile Long-Lasting: Thanks to the physical properties provided by galvanized and specially painted metal, Magna Solve does not break and does not deteriorate over time by being affected by hot - cold / wet - dry air cycles. It does not require maintenance under normal conditions.
  3. Magna Solve Metal Tile Durable: Thanks to the high strength of the metal, large openings can be crossed with Magna Solve Metal Tile tile and it is extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions such as wind, snow and ice compared to traditional tile coating. It is an ideal solution for high-altitude areas.

Magna Solve Metal Roof Tile and 9 Features That Make a Difference

  1. Magna Solve Metal Roof Tile Fire Resistant
  2. Magna Solve is fire resistant, non-flammable.
  3. Magna Solve Metal Roof Tile Easy and Quick Assembly
  4. Magna Solve is placed on the roof much more easily and quickly than traditional tile, thanks to its panel length and light weight. Magna Solve, which is fixed with special attachment screws, saves both time and expenses such as labor.
  5. Magna Solve Metal Roof Tile Economical
  6. Magna Solve Metal Tile is an economical material in the short term with its low unit prices and labor costs, and in the long term with its durability and maintenance-freeness.
  7. Magna Solve Metal Tile Paint Features
  8. With its wide variety of color options and pleasant appearance, Magna Solve  easily provides the desired aesthetic perception in buildings.
  9. Magna Solve Metal Roof Tile Green

Magna Solve does not create harmful effects by being thrown into nature when its task is finished. It can be used repeatedly. Magna Solve also protects our nature with the reflective properties of metal. It prevents overheating of buildings by reflecting the heat and light coming on it, saves cooling costs and prevents global warming by preventing the heating of the earth. Magna Solve is an ideal roofing material for green buildings.

Join The Future Of Roofing With Magna Solve Metal Roof Tiles

Are you ready to revolutionize your roofing solutions with a product that offers unparalleled durability, aesthetic appeal, and environmental benefits? Look no further than Magna Solve Metal roof tiles. Trusted by builders and architects across Europe, the Middle East, and Eurasia, our metal roofing solutions stand out in the industry for their superior quality and performance.

Why Choose Magna Solve Metal Roof Tiles For Your Projects?

Unmatched Durability: With our advanced galvanizing and coating techniques, Magna Solve Metal roof tiles ensures a long-lasting, rust-free, and maintenance-free roof.

Aesthetic Versatility: Available in a variety of colors, our metal tiles enhance the visual appeal of any structure, making it the top choice for modern architectural designs.

Environmental Responsibility: Magna Solve Metal roof tiles is not only recyclable but also reflects heat, reducing energy costs and contributing to global cooling efforts.

Cost-Effective: Save on installation time and labor costs with our easy-to-install panels, and enjoy long-term savings with a product that requires minimal maintenance.

Become a Distributor

Join our network of distributors and offer your clients a roofing solution that combines beauty, strength, and sustainability. As a Magna Solve Metal roof tiles distributor, you will benefit from competitive pricing, marketing support, and the prestige of representing a product that sets the standard in the industry.

Contact Us Today

Ready to elevate your product offerings and meet the growing demand for high-quality metal roofing? Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale options and how you can become part of the Magna Solve Metal roof tiles family. Together, let's build a future where every roof stands the test of time and environmental impact.

Get in touch with our sales team at contact and start your journey with Magna Solve Metal roof tiles!

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