Forming a Collaborative Group of Accountants and Lawyers from Different Countries to Establish Companies in Turkey

Positive Impacts of Accountants and Lawyers on the Business World

Accountants and lawyers play a crucial role in the business world. Their expertise and guidance can make a significant difference in the success of any business. When accountants and lawyers collaborate, they bring a unique blend of financial acumen and legal insight that is invaluable for businesses. Their combined efforts ensure compliance with regulations, optimal financial management, and effective risk mitigation. This collaboration is particularly beneficial when setting up companies in foreign markets like Turkey, where local laws and tax regulations can be complex.

Accountants ensure that all financial aspects of a business are handled efficiently. They provide essential services such as bookkeeping, tax planning, and financial analysis. Their expertise helps businesses maximize profits, minimize tax liabilities, and maintain accurate financial records. On the other hand, lawyers offer legal protection and ensure that businesses comply with local and international laws. They provide guidance on contracts, intellectual property, and regulatory issues, helping businesses navigate the legal landscape confidently.

Together, accountants and lawyers create a powerful support system for businesses. Their collaboration fosters a more holistic approach to business management, combining financial stability with legal compliance. This partnership not only enhances business operations but also boosts investor confidence and customer trust. In a global market, such collaboration is essential for businesses to thrive and expand.

Advantages of Doing Business in Turkey for Your Clients

Turkey, with its rapidly growing economy and strategic geographical location, has become an attractive hub for international investors. As accountants, we can collaborate to help your clients establish companies in Turkey and benefit from these advantages. Tax benefits and government incentives are some of the most appealing aspects of doing business in Turkey. Here are the opportunities we offer for your clients:

Tax Benefits

Turkey stands out with its various tax advantages for investors:

  1. Low Corporate Tax Rate: The corporate tax rate in Turkey is 20%, which is lower than in many European countries. This allows your clients to enjoy higher profit margins.

  2. Tax Exemptions and Reductions: Companies operating in certain sectors are offered tax exemptions and reductions. Significant tax advantages are provided, especially for R&D and innovation activities.

  3. Double Taxation Agreements: Turkey has signed double taxation agreements with many countries. This prevents your clients from being taxed twice, both in Turkey and in their home country.

Government Incentives

Turkey offers various government support programs to attract foreign investors:

  1. Incentive Regions: Turkey is divided into different regions for investment incentives. The incentive rates vary depending on the region, offering advantages such as tax reductions, employer's social security premium support, and interest support.

  2. R&D Incentives: Companies that establish R&D centers are offered incentives such as income tax withholding, social security premium support, and VAT exemption.

  3. SME Incentives: There are various support programs for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These supports include credit interest support, grant programs, and training supports.

Partnership and Profit Sharing Model

Collaboration with Accountants and Lawyers from Different Countries

By collaborating with accountants from different countries, we can make the process of establishing companies in Turkey easier and more efficient for your clients. This collaboration model aims to provide the best service to clients by combining the expertise of both parties.

Profit Sharing Model

The profit-sharing model ensures that both parties involved in the collaboration share a certain percentage of the profits. This model offers a profitable solution for both the collaborating accountants and the investors.

Advantages of Collaboration

  1. Expertise Sharing: Establishing a company in Turkey requires knowledge of local legislation and regulations. By collaborating with accountants from different countries, you can provide expert support for your clients in this process.

  2. Risk Management: Minimizing tax and legal risks is crucial for the long-term success of your clients. Collaboration ensures more effective management of these risks.

  3. Customer Satisfaction: Our collaboration model ensures faster and higher quality service to clients. This increases customer satisfaction and strengthens the reputation of your business.

Strategic Advantages of Establishing a Company in Turkey for Your Clients

1- Strategic Location

Turkey is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. This facilitates your clients' access to international trade opportunities.

2- Young and Dynamic Population

Turkey's young and dynamic population enhances the labor force potential and allows your clients to easily reach talented employees.

3- Wide Market Access

With a population of over 80 million, Turkey has a large domestic market and is also a gateway to regional markets.

Now is the Time to Do Business in Turkey

The tax and government incentives for establishing a company in Turkey offer great opportunities for your clients. By collaborating with accountants from different countries, you can best take advantage of these opportunities. The profit-sharing model ensures that both you and your business partners benefit. Take action now and introduce your clients to the unique opportunities Turkey offers to help them grow their businesses!

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