Underwear Shop Business Idea

Underwear Shop Business Idea
12 May 2024

Underwear is at the top of the basic needs of all people, and one of the mandatory consumption needs of people is underwear. What is the share and situation of this sector in economic life in the world and in our country, it is useful to take a look at the recent economic history data. Before starting a job, it is mandatory to conduct full and detailed research, examination and ultimately evaluate and analyze activities.

Underwear, of course, is evaluated within the textile sector, so all developments related to underwear are taken into account within the scope of the textile sector, and then we will only talk about the data related to underwear, but it is important what the general situation is, the sector has been developing since 1980 and its potential is increasing, its market is growing.

Clothing Industry in Turkey

Today, Turkey is one of the first exporting countries in the global platform, and the results of the sources and research results are in this direction. Underwear – Bedding is included in the sub-sector groups of the textile industry. In 2022, 35.4 Billion Dollars of underwear was exported in the world.

China ranks first in world underwear exports, only China exports 40.9% of the world's underwear, which is almost half of it. The data placed the United States at the top of the list of countries that buy the most underwear, and Japan at the second place. Asian countries constitute the group of other countries that import underwear and they usually import from China.

Stages of Opening a Lingerie Shop

You have decided to open an underwear store, your business idea has become clear, but what size and how many products you will have, will it be a very small shop or do you have the capital to sell quite a lot of products, you have to make another decision here, your cost will increase according to your decision along with your other expenses.

When we look at the national and global evaluation of the sector, there is potential in the sector, whether you think small or big. Is there any activity in this sector, the data says yes, it is shown. Since underwear is a textile product, its quality will differ according to its fabric, sewing and the manufacturer from which it is manufactured. Choosing which customer profile you will serve is important for you to operate in a meaningful and profitable business. You have to choose between products that appeal to the lower income group, products that appeal to the upper income group, or products that appeal to the middle income group.

The activities of your workplace, the location where it will operate and the capital you will put forward will be shaped on this basis. Once you have decided on your target audience, you can search for product prices and shops. Keep your research time long, be willing to get tired for this cause You should make good use of this chance when there is such high hope and potential to be successful in a developing and growing sector in the national and international market.

Examine the product groups you intend to buy according to your target audience, visit similar stores, get a lot and variety of information about product quality, consumer behavior, price preferences, and take note of your daily impressions. After about a month and a half, you will compare the data you have and perform the elimination process. Which product is sold more at what price, who prefers which products, what is the average, you will definitely reach concrete information and finalized ideas. When you have enough information during the research to generate other questions than what we recommend here, you will realize that you are ready.

Products That Can Be Sold in the Lingerie Shop

When it comes to underwear and bed clothes, products such as socks, pajamas and dressing gowns are also considered in this context. A crowded bazaar on the street or frequently visited passages, shopping mall-type shopping malls, corner stores with crowds of people may be your alternatives, but of course, your budget will determine your decision. If the luxury consumer group is not your target and you do not have enough capital, you should avoid expensive investments.

Sales Channels

With a modest budget, you can have a store where you can make a profit and sell affordable quality products. Then research the locations where there are crowds of people, after you have made your decision, pay attention to the decoration, you do not need to spend a lot of money for this, you can reach design ideas that will make the stylish-looking consumer want to visit your shop with your research. In addition, over time, you can grow nationwide by using the method of selling through e-commerce or social media, and one day you can become a brand.

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