Opening a Dry Cleaner

Opening a Dry Cleaner
17 May 2024

History of Dry Cleaning

On a Parisian afternoon, while his wife was shopping, Jolly Bellin dropped the lamp on the immaculate cloth that his wife had covered the table with that morning. When his wife comes home and wants to clean the cover before she sees this view, she realizes that the places where the gas is spilled are cleaner than the other sides of the cover.

By developing this detection, it starts to provide the first dry cleaning service. Jolly is a seamstress and now also does dry cleaning. He would dip the problematic parts of the stained clothes brought to him in a mixture of turpentine and gasoline in the chemical, and after drying, he would clean them with a brush and complete the process.

Dry cleaning suddenly became popular due to the fact that such damage did not occur in dry cleaning of clothes that wrinkled when washed or in contact with soap, and gasoline was later replaced by turpentine.

It has a history dating back to antiquity, in fact, dry cleaning used lye and ammonia or clay water to remove oil stains from clothes.

Dry Cleaning at Professional Standards

With the Vocational Qualifications Authority Law No. 5544, the requirements of the profession are explained. Laundry and dry cleaning supervisor is defined as a person who carries out laundry operations, dry cleaning operations by taking the necessary precautions by paying attention to the elements of Occupational Health and Safety and environmental safety in institutions and organizations that have laundry and independent laundry establishments, carries out activities related to professional development, complies with hygiene and sanitation rules, and has the knowledge and skills to operate in accordance with the quality management system and business standards.

Starting a Business in the Dry Cleaning Industry

The results of the 2016 survey stated that dry cleaning is one of the favorite sectors that will enter the area of attraction of investors. In 2015, the annual turnover reached including industrial dry cleaning was announced as 500 million Euros.

According to the statement made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of one of the dry cleaning companies with the largest dealer network in Turkey, the costs in dry cleaning enterprises are low and the profit rate is high, so it is one of the sectors that is a candidate to be the favorite of entrepreneurs.

Compared to Europe, it has been announced that the number of enterprises with high business revenues that have succeeded in institutionalization is lower in our country, so it is emphasized that there is a need for more corporate enterprises in the sector and that it is necessary to create awareness that dry cleaning is not a luxury, but a necessity.

There are two important goals in the sector: firstly, to establish the same standards in the quality of service within the sector and to harmonize them with European standards.


Boğaziçi University Angel Investor Network BUBA invested in a company that connects the dry cleaning business to the internet application in 2015, and the project was funded with equity capital by receiving an investment of 135 thousand liras, according to media reports. The company in question takes your clothes from the door within 5 hours and delivers them to your door within 24 hours, ironed and clean.

It is determined that professional activities that move from the physical environment to the internet environment are successful, in relation to general economic developments.

Opening a Dry Cleaning Shop

If you want to open a dry cleaning shop, of course, you should not take the risk of acting with a traditional structure. We have tried to convey the sector to you with its historical and recent economic background, as you will notice in the explanations written above, innovation and technological applications show themselves in all business areas, business behavior in accordance with the requirements of the age makes a premium in business success and can even receive incentives from angel investors.

If you want to take part in the dry cleaning sector with a low investment cost and a high profit rate, you should know that you will exhibit a corporate identity, use technology, and fight with your competitors in applications such as internet use and home service, and you should make your preparations in this direction.

You can also establish a small modest business that works with the traditional method, you can carry out your promotional activities as an independent business with your own minimal efforts, and you can still use the internet and provide house-to-house service to your close circle, maybe by recruiting a staff, but if you consider your corporate competitors in the market, branded institutions that have come to the fore with their service networks and speeds, is it right to enter the sector with personal effort? It is necessary to think about it, and is there a need to take such a risk?

Being a Dealer in the Dry Cleaning Industry

The sector is considered new on the internet, it has a history of about two years in terms of fast house-to-house service, the number of dry cleaning businesses in the country two years ago was as small as 50, so there is an inadequacy in the sector in this sense, and consumer perception management is carried out by large companies, such as trying to create dry cleaning awareness in the public and removing the burden of ironing from working women. is being carried out. It seems more profitable to be a partner in the cake by starting with an institutionalized company that has undertaken the heavy burden of the sector.

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