Steakhouse Restaurant Business Idea

Steakhouse Restaurant Business Idea
13 May 2024

How to Open a Steakhouse Restaurant?

If you are one of those who say "the stew of cheap meat is bland", here is the Porterhouse steak extracted from the back of the calf or the T-Bone steak, which takes its name from the T-shaped bone. Or you can choose to present the meat extracted from different parts of the calf such as dallas, rump, new york, flank, kobe with different cooking techniques and presented with different names. Steakhouses, one of the taste stops of recent times, are modern meat restaurants that have entered our lives for the last ten years.

These restaurants, which can be defined as of American origin, must have been adopted by meat lovers, and their number is increasing day by day. We can also call this a kind of modern return of modern life. It should be emphasized that these returns create new business areas that create opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Steakhouses; I think it would not be wrong to define the name as places where the name is cool, the appearance is swallowing, the service provided is pampering, and the taste is provocative. Today, such luxury places are perhaps a kind of effort of humanity, which lives fast, works hard, and races against time, to pamper itself. For all these reasons, these places are among the ideal choices of those who think that they should eat one meal instead of two meals of meat, but that they should satisfy both the taste and the appearance. Of course, we should not forget those who say that I should share what I eat on social media.

These modernized meat restaurants, which are seen as a candidate for entrepreneurs to make big profits with low risk, continue to expand their franchise networks day by day in our country as well as all over the world.

What is a Steakhouse?

Although the Turkish equivalent of the word steak is steak, it should be noted that steak is not just about steak. Because the meaning of the word steak in different languages means cooking or grilling different parts of the meat. Therefore, just saying steak would be incomplete to fully describe this steak meat cooking culture. There are many types of steak, which takes its name from the city where it is made, and the places where steak is cooked and presented are called steakhouses.

As can be seen, although these places have taken their place in social life in our country, the fact that their number is increasing day by day can be considered as an indication of their popularity.

The Birth of Steak and Steakhouse Culture

To put it briefly; What kebab shop means to us, steak is worth as much in American culture. The word steak is a traditional meat dish of America, derived from the Scandinavian word "siteik", that is, frying. When we look at its history, the cattle brought to the country by Spanish sailors with the discovery of America were bred all over the country over time. 18th century Until the American Civil War, only milk and butter of these animals were used, but under war conditions, meat consumption began with hunger and famine.

Today's steakhouse-like venues were first opened in New York. Because of the war, meat must be cooked in order to be consumed quickly. The steakhouses opened in New York for the first time spread all over the country, and the cooking differences in these meat restaurants showed differences, just like the differences in the taste of meatballs that changed from city to city, and began to be known by the city or master names of the city where they were made. This culture, which was born in America, started to spread in our country as well as in many countries.

Although the word steakhouse is foreign to our language, its taste, presentation and service must be appreciated because it is among the sought-after places.

Cost and Profitability of Opening a Stekahouse

It should be noted that with chefs becoming a social phenomenon recently, there is no reason why these more sought-after venues should not win when they open with a good plan. Considering that the target audience is primarily people with high income levels, the decoration of the place is seen as a business area where most entrepreneurs can be successful with the skill and taste of the chef. Considering that places with beautiful views will be more preferred, it is always advantageous to open such a place.

In addition, providing other conditions that give meat its taste is the secret of success. Even if the meat is taken from the same animal, it can be much more delicious thanks to its preparation, cooking and sauce, while its presentation and, of course, marketing are important factors in profitability. As for how much it will earn; This varies according to the city, the menu, the customer addressed, the brand, and the service provided. However, it should be emphasized that there are those who earn millions of pounds by buying a franchise of a well-known brand. And considering that these places generally accept customers with reservations, their profitability and level of popularity can be measured to some extent.

In addition, when we consider that the menu prices start between 400-800 usd, this figure rises very high with the purchase of additional preferences such as drinks, salads and appetizers. In other words, if a group of 2-3 people wants to eat here, they will pay an average of 1500 TL – 13000 usd. Of course, presentation, preference and awareness as well as taste are among the most important factors affecting the price and therefore the earnings. In addition, being a franchisee of a well-known brand means benefiting from the advantages of that brand, and the advantages provided vary from franchisor to company. While the first condition of some franchisor companies is to have a beautiful shop and business certificate, it is sufficient for some to fulfill the franchising fee and other conditions

Although the profit rate  varies between 60% and 300%, the investment cost is 1.It ranges from 500,000 USD – 4,000,000 USD. Of course, these figures may increase if high-income masses will be addressed, or decrease if a place for more medium-sized families will be opened. For example, while services such as valets provided in these places can be removed, decoration and shop rent can be started at Lower costs locations can be selected.

Advice for Those Who Want to Open a Steakhouse

Restaurant service is divided into 3 main categories:

  1. Prompt service
  2. Intermediate
  3. Luxury services

Steakhouse restaurants are meat restaurants that provide luxury service in these types. For this reason, it would be an effective choice in customer circulation to open the place to be selected to the areas frequented by people with high income levels. In addition, when it is considered as places frequented by the upper class, it is known that this means high rent and decoration costs. With its different concept, different presentation styles, attractive ambiance, steakhouses are almost competing with each other, and some important factors should not be ignored when opening franchise chains or these modern meat restaurants that can be opened individually.

The unique sauces and presentation styles of the chefs make these places more attractive. However, the fact that the place does not have a parking problem as well as its taste, taste and service are among the impressive factors that customers consider when choosing. Because everyone already has a parking problem while running around during the day, so they do not want to experience this in these places where they come to pamper themselves. These places do not necessarily have to be close to retail areas, even a remote place in nature can make a profit by buying a franchise of a well-known brand. As long as there is brand awareness, its taste is liked and kept. In fact, if the place can obtain an operating certificate in nature, it can even provide a double advantage.

We can say that steakhouses are a taste that cannot be rejected for a people who are fond of meat. This means that, from the point of view of entrepreneurs, this business idea has a good chance of succeeding. For those who are thinking, there is no need to open a very luxurious place, steak flavor can be served in a more mid-level hall and profitability can be achieved.

Steakhouse Restaurant Must-Haves

  1. Parking and valet service
  2. In az 40 dough
  3. At least 300 m2 of restaurant – guest area
  4. Alcoholic drinks bar
  5. Children's playground
  6. Security personnel
  7. Expert chefs with at least 5 years of experience
  8. Staff to work with an average of 20 or more people

Of course, these are the main issues that should be at first glance. However, if you are planning to open a new restaurant, you should get advice from an expert operator or fulfill all the conditions of the franchisor brand.

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