Starting a Business in the Real Estate Industry

Starting a Business in the Real Estate Industry
30 April 2024

Doing Business in the Real Estate Industry

Due to population growth, people wanting to own a new house, and opening new businesses, there are constantly great developments in the real estate sector both in our country and in the world. Due to the fact that the world has become a huge construction area and people want to evaluate their investments, the real estate sector serves people from different income groups.

In the period of economic recession or crisis, although a certain recession occurs in the sector, with the opening of jobs, very good earnings occur in the sector. The real estate sector is one of the most lucrative sectors that can renew itself.

The Importance of the Real Estate Sector in the World

When it comes to real estate, only a residence or workplace that has been completed and is ready to settle down comes to mind, but land and land other than buildings are also real estate elements. The land is a piece of land that has been parceled out so that a building can be built on it and this parceling process has been approved by the state.

Land, on the other hand, is a piece of land whose boundaries are determined by elements such as walls, trees, fences and mountains, or by natural signs such as roads. However, real estate is generally used in the expression of real estate.

The construction industry and the real estate sector are two interconnected sectors. Since the construction sector in the world is progressing more and more every day, the real estate sector, which is connected to the construction sector, is also highly developed.

Many houses are bought and sold every day. For these reasons, the real estate sector is developing in our country, as in many countries of the world, and has become one of the most profitable professions.

In the housing sector, buildings are mostly built for the upper income and middle income groups, but they are most popular with the middle income. In the period when banks reduce loan interest rates, there is a great increase in the purchase and sale of real estate in our country.

People living in villages, especially the young population, settle in big cities to earn money or for educational purposes because they do not have work to do in the villages. Especially when we look at the provinces with a university, we see that the real estate market is constantly lively.

Factors such as urban transformation projects, mega projects, the increase in settlements close to bridges and tunnels, and the construction of large shopping centers also cause revivals in the real estate sector. In short, the real estate sector is an important sector in the world and provides good profits to people working in this sector.

Benefits of Doing Business in the Real Estate Industry

Although the real estate sector takes a break from its activities for a while during periods such as economic crisis and epidemics that affect all sectors, it is among the most profitable jobs when things start to improve. For this reason, many people start a business in the real estate sector.

Although business could not be done for a while due to the economic crisis, the sector is recovering due to the policies implemented by the state to strengthen the economy for these periods and the banks' reduction of loan rates. After people have the necessary documents and the necessary certificates and diplomas to provide real estate consultancy, they can open a real estate office wherever they want.

The Purpose of Doing Business in the Real Estate Sector

A real estate agency acts as an intermediary that brings together people who want to rent or buy a property with people who want to sell or rent the property. They can also rarely buy the property for themselves.

Real estate agents do not only do business related to renting and selling property. In addition, they can provide consultancy on properties, act as experts and appraisers, and mediate legal and technical transactions related to immovable properties. This reveals the importance of real estate business people in this sector.

The Future and Development of the Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector has taken its place among the most demanded service sectors in the past. It is in demand today as it was in the past, and this will continue in the future.

Real estate consultants, who used to try to sell only with photos, have benefited from the latest technology with the advancement of technology today, and especially with the internet reaching large masses, it has become easier to handle their work.

Now, with the press of a button, people can look at the properties wherever they want, see all the features of the real estate, and pass through the house through video shooting and examine the exterior. In addition, those who want to own a house can reach real estate consultants much more easily by both phone and internet network.

As we have mentioned, due to the migration of people to big cities due to the lack of opportunities in the villages, and the increase in the population in the cities, real estate rental and purchase businesses will also increase, both for living purposes and for starting a business. When we evaluate all these situations, we can say that the real estate sector will be one of the favorite sectors in the future.

Things to Consider Before Doing Business in the Real Estate Sector

One thing you should pay attention to before doing business in the real estate sector is whether you know the real estate sector closely and whether you have the competence to do this job. In fact, no matter what job you are going to do, the first rule should be to know the sector closely. Doing business in the sector that you do not know well enough and do not know about its operation can cause loss of labor, time and money.

Before opening a real estate office of your own, you must have an education certificate to open a real estate office with the latest regulation in the real estate sector in our country. In other words, it would be appropriate to do a certificate or university education under the Ministry of National Education as real estate management and consultancy.

The Cost of Doing Business in the Real Estate Industry

Huge costs are not required to do business in the real estate sector. However, if you are going to operate in an upscale neighborhood or district, you will need to open the mouth of the purse. Especially due to the high rents in such places, real estate office owners also have to pay high rents. Unless, of course, the property belongs to him.

Otherwise; For example, if a real estate office service is to be provided in a neighborhood, the cost of this will not cost much in terms of both rent and interior design.

Companies Providing Dealerships in the Real Estate Sector

Apart from starting your own business in the real estate sector, one business model is the dealership system. In addition to establishing a new and scratch business, the dealership system reduces costs and is a well-known system with a ready-made customer portfolio and is also in high demand in the real estate sector.

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