Opening an Insect Spraying Company

Opening an Insect Spraying Company
17 May 2024

Opening a Pest Control Company

Good news for those who want to do pesticide business! KOSGEB  will support those who want to open an insect spraying company  in 2021. In this article, we  will explain in detail how to open an insecticide company. In  this content, you can find answers to all your questions, such as what are the documents required to open an insect spraying company. We will guide you in establishing your company with the information we have obtained as a result of detailed research.

Planning an insecticide business idea involves a number of questions that need to be answered honestly before it becomes concrete. An insecticide company may not be a business sector that everyone can do. Because in addition to the indisputable disgust factor, it can also be emotionally stressful.

Although it may not sound good, pests are getting out of control as climate changes begin to occur. This situation  is in favor of pesticide companies. In this way, your potential customer portfolio will be on a sustainable basis. In addition, during the infestation of insects, customers do not hesitate to spend a lot of money. They strive to reach a quick solution as soon as possible.

Opening an Insect Spraying Company

To open an insecticide company, you need expert knowledge based on solid foundations. To open a successful pesticide company, you need to decide which types of pests make sense to focus on, depending on the location, range of work, and competitive analysis.

It will be an advantage for you to be the most professional by focusing on certain types of insects.

On the other hand, being in a wide range of services is a feature that will attract the customer. However, serving a large portfolio in a large area means additional costs. Although you may not consider it at first, you can include this alternative after you have laid a solid foundation for things. Ultimately, it is best to determine the range of potential services at your own level of knowledge.

How to Open an Insect Spraying Company?

Opening an insecticide company requires careful business planning and method from the beginning of each day. Therefore, how to open an insecticide company? We wanted to answer your question in a very comprehensive way.

All plans must be made within the work. A well-thought-out business plan can convince even potential investors.

Documents Required to Open an Insect Spraying Company

We would like to inform you about the documents required to open an insecticide company.

First of all, you should go to the directorate of the province where you will operate with the information and documents specified by the Ministry of Health and get permission.

In order to open your business, you must submit the necessary documents to your municipality and obtain your business license.

In order to open an insecticide company, either you yourself or the responsible manager must apply to the Provincial Health Directorate with a petition.

If you have a responsible manager, a certificate stating that you have attended the training given by the Ministry of Health is required along with the responsible manager contract.

In addition, a notarized copy of the diploma of the responsible manager is required.

We would like to point out here that  if you have the necessary training and graduation to open an insect spraying company, you can open your company with peace of mind. However, if you do not have these trainings and you are going to work in agreement with a responsible manager, we recommend that you think again. Because when he wants to stop working with you, if you can't find a replacement within 10 days, all your efforts will be wasted.

In order to open an insecticide company, you should not neglect the Regulations on the Procedures and Principles of Pesticide Against Pests in the Field of Public Health, published by the Ministry of Health in the official gazette. You must fully comply with the necessary permitting, application requirements, personnel and physical infrastructure standards. Otherwise, you may encounter a situation such as the validity of the permission in the various provisions section in the fifth section and you may experience disappointment.

Cost of Opening an Insect Spraying Company

Now  you are ready to open an insecticide company and you have one more question in your mind. How much does it cost to open an insecticide company?

In fact, if we need to make a rough calculation, at least 60 thousand TL will be required, including all fees, state payments and materials stipulated by the Ministry of Health, except for workplace rent. Rents may vary depending on the workplace you will keep, the city and location you are in. Therefore, we do not include it in the cost calculations.

For a workplace with the details stipulated by the Ministry, you need a workplace of at least 70-80 square meters.

You can also consider a slightly larger workplace, as you will also need shower and dressing room needs for the staff and areas to carry out the preparation stages of the spraying.

You will also need a lot of equipment and materials to ensure job security. We give you the cost calculation, taking into account the smallest details. Of course, you can find the most suitable solutions by researching.

Pesticide Company Monthly Return and Profit Margin

In order to open an insecticide and generate the highest possible income, every detail must be optimally organized. The monthly return and profit margin of the pesticide company has been a matter of curiosity.

Today, all offices, workplaces and factories have to disinfect their workplaces and undergo certain routine controls.

Heating beetles in apartment buildings appear every year and seriously disturb people.

If we forget everything and consider only the two situations mentioned above and take into account the scarcity of pesticide companies, we can state that you are in a very profitable business.

For a start, if you go to spray 4 places every day and return from the places you go with a minimum of 400 usd. Your daily earnings will be 2,000 usd. Your customer portfolio will increase day by day and your earnings will increase as your references increase. When you compare your expenses with your income, you will make pretty good gains.


Advice for Spraying Company Beginners

We have come to the end of our article. Opening an insecticide company is a bit detailed and challenging. Only then will it be appreciated and loved. For this reason, we  would like to give advice to those who will open a spraying company:

The more professional you build your team, the more satisfied your customers will be with you.

For a good advertisement, you should definitely have your workplace vehicles wrapped. In particular, it should be eye-catching and memorable.

You can promote your business through the best website. For this, you can get support from professionals.

You should definitely promote and advertise your workplace on social media accounts.

The wider audience you show yourself, the more customers you will have.

For those who are thinking of opening an insect spraying company, if you want to benefit from KOSGEB supports, we would like to point out that female entrepreneurs can receive support up to 70 percent and male entrepreneurs up to 60 percent.

We have come to the end of our article titled "Opening an insecticide company". You can let us know your opinions and suggestions in the comments section.


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