Opening a Private Theater Business Idea

Opening a Private Theater Business Idea
12 May 2024

Setting Up a Private Theater

Starting a Business in the Field of Art

Theater... Although its history is based on ceremonies held as a show of gratitude to Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, the history of the theater actually has an older past. In cave paintings dating back to 40-10 thousand B.C., the depiction of costumes and masks, which are seen together with the rhythmic movements of people with animal hides on their faces and hands, is the most obvious evidence that the theater dates back to an earlier time.

This art, which has such a deep-rooted history, has recently been scrutinized by entrepreneurs with the increase in support provided by the state and even the establishment of the Theater Cooperative. Today, thanks to the increase in activities aimed at removing the obstacles in front of theaters, private theaters have started to gain momentum. Of course, it is one thing to look at theater from the perspective of an artist and another from an entrepreneur's point of view, but they both have one thing in common: a passion for success. The key to achieving this goal is to gather the audience on the same frequency.

In this article, we will discuss what is theater, how to open it and what should be considered to be successful  for entrepreneurs who want to open a private theater stage, whether they have a heart connection with theater or not?We will try to provide information on these issues.

What is Theatre?

Theater is a performing art performed live in front of the audience, and literary products displayed in this type of art are naturally exhibited. In this type of art, which appeals to both the eyes and the ears, words and movements complement each other, and the written literary works are staged with the help of people and decorations. Theater literally means the building where the stage works are played, the art of performing the stage works and the stage work. From a structural point of view, these works, which were written to show the events of daily life to their audience, are one of the closest and most vibrant arts to life where the actor and the audience are integrated.

Although the word theater is known as the French play, the art of spectacle in our language, it tells the events from the mouths of those who live or show them. Thanks to the fact that gestures and facial expressions are very important, the written text is explained by imitation and the use of décor suitable for the subject, it can present the sense of reality to the audience at high levels.

In this art, costume is a very important element in order to depict people in theater works. While modern theaters are divided into tragedy, drama and comedy according to their subjects, traditional Turkish theater is divided into genres as Orta oyun, Meddalı, Köy seyirlik and Karagöz. As the first Turkish theater piece, The Poet's Marriage, written by Şinasi in 1859, was staged in one act.

Now, after giving a brief information about theater, let's take a look at what it means in terms of entrepreneurship.

How to Open a Private Theater?

Of course, entrepreneurs who prefer to open a private theater should analyze this sector very well. And while running this business, it is essential to consider both the artistic and business sides. As in every business establishment process, it is important to pay attention to the vital points when opening a theater hall. As an entrepreneur, the first requirement to be successful in a business venture is, of course, to work with the right people and implement the right strategies.

Here are the basic steps of opening a theater;

Stages of Opening a Theater

Preparing a Business Plan

First of all, depending on the demographic structure of the targeted audience, it is necessary to determine what kind of show will be held, who the competitors are, and the features that will keep this theater hall to be opened unique. A successful business plan that includes these is very important when opening a theater, as it is at the beginning of any business. It should be determined which features will distinguish the theater hall to be opened from its competitors and a target definition should be made accordingly. Once you have decided whether the plays to be performed will be by local authors or include classic plays, it is necessary to go into detail about how this goal will be staged to meet the expectations of the audience.

Finding and registering a name

When opening a theater, it is important to find a name that will reflect the repertoire and professionalism of the private theater to be opened and appeal to the target audience. And it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this name is chosen so that it does not resemble the names of other private theaters and is not a name that has been registered before. If it is an idle name, the fees must be paid, a business license must be obtained and the name must be registered. After that, it should be to give the theater hall a legal identity, that is, to make its official opening.

Sourcing and procurement

When opening a business, as in any venture, one of the important issues is venture capital. It is essential to find a source to cover the expenses of the theater until it gains customers, is recognized and provides customer circulation. In addition to the personal assets of the person or persons who will make the attempt, it is necessary to review the state incentives given to private theaters by the Board of Inspectors of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Considering the number of private theaters that have opened in recent years and applied for support in the 2019-20 art season, alındığında özel tiyatro girişimine artan ilgi gözlemlenebilir. Destek almak için başvuranların sayısı 385 tiyatrodur.

Promoting the theater

After the opening and name registration of the theater, a website should be prepared immediately. With this site, where the presentations of the shows to be made, the promotions of the actors are published and access to ticket information is provided, accounts should be opened on social media and advertising and marketing activities should be started immediately. While preparing the site, it is also important to design it to sell tickets online.

Setting up the team and managing

Theatre is a team effort. Creating a staff of employees with a targeted purpose is an important element in success. A board meeting should be held immediately by determining who will take part in the management from the theater team consisting of actors, other theater employees, lawyers, accountants, marketing, public relations, designers, and the strategies required for the theater to be successful and move forward should be determined.

Budgeting and equipment

As in any business, it is imperative that the theater team has a budget. Existing resources should be reviewed by determining how the work to be done, including routine maintenance and repair, cleaning and personnel expenses, will be covered. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the rent, insurance and some of the necessary equipment are rented and if the published plays are to be exhibited, the royalties are paid. And sound and lighting systems, costumes, some props need to be purchased, while others can be rented.


Game selection and demonstration

It is necessary to contact screenwriters and playwrights in order to select the plays determined in the work plan. By reading the scripts from the catalogs of the broadcasters, they can be asked to make a promotion by inviting the scriptwriters to obtain information about whether they are suitable for the subject of the show to be played, how many people the cast should be, what the show duration of the play is.

The Cost of Opening a Private Theater

Due to the richness of the repertoire, the interest of theater lovers in private theaters is increasing day by day. In this case, it causes entrepreneurs with a medium level of capital to consider opening a private theater as an entrepreneurial idea. In addition, it is necessary to know that the reason why ticket prices are much higher than state theater prices is because private theaters are expensive to stage. Of course, the costs are reflected in the ticket prices.

When we look at the cost of opening the theater, of course, the rents of the district where the theater will be opened vary according to the size of the hall, how luxurious the decoration and equipment to be made, and which equipment will be rented and which will be bought. In the light of these factors, it is possible to open a private theater hall between 100 and 750 thousand TL. The reason why the investment amount range is so wide; city, region, building size, workplace purchase-lease, etc.

Considering that salon rental prices vary according to the capacity of the person; It should be noted that the hall for 40-70 people varies between 40,000 USD, the hall for 70-200 people is 55,000 USD, and the hall for 300-1000 people varies between 60,000-150,000 USD.

In addition, expenses such as opening costs, personnel, rent, equipment, play royalties, director, assistant director, costume, décor, advertising, ticket sales commissions, rental fees during the rehearsal period, printing house-poster expenses, dramaturg fees, which are cost elements, are among the expenses that should be added to the opening costs.

Is It Profitable to Open a Private Theater?

The ticket prices of the private theater are much higher than the prices of the state theater. Ticket prices starting from 50 TL and ranging from 40 USD can be found on average. The price of theater halls, which make an acclaimed show with a successful and well-known staff, attracts attention, no matter how high it is. When looking at profitability, this can vary depending on the success of the operator, the interest shown in the staff and the show, the marketing and the extent to which the occupancy is achieved. When the hall fills its capacity by performing 3-4 games a week, it can be considered that its profitability is high.

Entrepreneurs who want to open a private theater hall can benefit from the support of government institutions and private investors, as well as apply for donations and aids.

Other Works to be Done with Private Theater

Entrepreneurs who open a private theater can also find the opportunity to increase their profitability by doing different additional jobs. For example, with the trainings to be given in the theater hall, theater - acting training, diction speech training, body language training, singing and rhythm course, voice and breathing course, dance course, performing arts course, voice-over and dubbing course, etc.

Private Theater Hall

Art is a passion and it is a branch that attracts attention with its interaction and vitality among the branches of art in theater. And it is observed that the interest is increasing day by day. For entrepreneurs who want to pursue this passion and start a business, opening a private theater can be an enjoyable and excellent and lucrative option. This depends entirely on the entrepreneur because...

As William Shakespeare said; 'To be or not to be, that's the question!'

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