Opening a Laundry Business Idea

Opening a Laundry Business Idea
12 May 2024

Doing Laundry Business

Machines should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. It should be checked whether there are any clothes that belong to someone else left in it.

Parts cleaning of the machines should be done periodically. Detergents used in machines should not contain excessive chemicals. The types of detergents recommended by the machine manufacturers should be used.

The electrical systems to which the machines are connected should be checked regularly and precautions should be taken against any mishap.

It should be determined to whom the laundry will serve

Some laundries provide general service, while some laundries serve specific placesYou can also get laundry services of places like schools, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels and earn wholesale profits. If you are going to clean chemical clothes, you can charge an additional fee for this.

Calculating Costs

Opening a laundry is a bit of a costly business, but after a while, it is one of the jobs that pays well. You need to determine your needs such as determining the location of the shop, renting the shop, calculating the cost of the washing and drying machines to be used, determining how many irons and ironing boards will be purchased if ironing service will be provided, and determining the purchase of detergent. You should create a cost plan accordingly.

If There Are Laundries, Evaluate Them Too

You're thinking of opening a laundromat and you don't quite know what to do. If there is a laundromat for rent or sale in the place you want to open or in its immediate vicinity, evaluate it. It will not require much cost as both the equipment and a certain customer base will be available. You only edit the places you don't like and if there is a need for a new machine, you fix it, which reduces the cost.

Get the Necessary Permissions

Each municipality has its own standards of procedure and operating permits. To do this, go to the municipality and find out the necessary documents for the necessary permits. You should also find out if you need permission from the fire department. Look for permits from the Ministry of Health. You also need to learn what you need to do about sewage and wastewater.

Have Advertising Posters and Business Cards Prepared

The most effective way to attract customers is through advertising and campaigns. Have posters and brochures promoting services prepared to distribute to apartments and businesses. Have a business card prepared and give several business cards to distribute to one or more customers who come in. Organize campaigns at regular intervals. These campaigns will attract more customers.

The biggest problem of the working class and especially the students is the washing of dirty laundry. Laundries are a great convenience for those who have a busy working life and cannot spare time for these works. Laundry management, which allows washing and drying laundry in a few hours, is a very profitable business. Especially for single people and students, it is very convenient for them to get laundry services by paying a small amount.

Determining a Place to Open a Laundry

If you open a laundromat in a place where single civil servants, busy people, companies, hotels, places with a high rate of work such as residences and students are frequent, you can create a good customer portfolio. If you are going to provide a service, it would be wiser to establish your business where that service is not provided. Thus, you will be unrivaled in your region. However, since you are the only one, you should not do the job with a high price, you should set reasonable fees. High-paying services are not much preferred.

It should be ensured that products such as tulle curtains, duvet covers and blankets are washed, not only with laundry. If necessary, send staff to the houses and take the products to be washed. Wash, dry, iron and send them home. This service will be more effective. While normal laundry is charged by weight, products such as bed linen, blankets and curtains are also calculated per piece.

What Services Are Provided in the Laundry?

In the laundries, you can provide laundry, drying and, if possible, ironing services in another section.


It is a laundry service with the introduction of products such as detergents and fabric softeners while washing clothes in washing machines that allow a lot of laundry to be washed at once. Each machine has a capacity. And when washing clothes, a fee is made according to the weight calculation.

Drying clothes

In addition to laundry, drying service should also be provided. This service is also subject to a small additional charge. Or it can be included in the washing fee.

Ironing Service

Although many laundries do not have many ironing services, you can also afford ironing services by charging an additional fee. Since this convenience will also benefit the customer, the customer who receives the service will regularly prefer you.

Detergent Vending Machines

You will need to buy detergent vending machines to be used when doing laundry. The customer will thus buy as much detergent as he needs.

Coin or Card Charging Machine

You will need to collect the fees to be made to benefit from the services from the coin or card machines. It is recommended to buy a card machine. Thus, the customer's follow-up can be done regularly.

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