Opening a Beauty Salon

Opening a Beauty Salon
30 April 2024

How to Open a Beauty Salon?

Women's need to seek beauty never ends. Beauty salons are the most preferred place for women and men who care about their personal care and appearance. Therefore, opening a beauty salon by taking the necessary training is a very profitable business.

A beautician is a person who has received all the necessary training in personal care. Although opening a beauty salon is a bit costly, it is one of the jobs with high returns in the long run.

Hairdressing salons, which were once visited only for hair, have been renewed by keeping up with the developing technology every day and the concept of profession has been expanded. Many beauty procedures such as hair, personal care, regional slimming and make-up are now carried out from a single place.

Calculating Costs

If you want to start a business, no matter what business you do, you have to make an effective cost method. You will need to take some responsibility when it comes to renting the shop, renovating if there is a renovation job, decorating the beauty salon appropriately, buying the necessary materials and tools, registration procedures, personnel expenses. You have to calculate the cost down to the smallest detail. The cost of a beauty salon includes all equipment, personnel expenses and advertising expenses, which amounts to approximately 100-300 thousand TL. In the meantime, it will also be necessary to maintain the devices over time, in which you need to allocate a budget.

Note: If you have decided to start a new business in this sector,  we recommend that you review the content of the beauty center business plan.

Obtaining a Beautician Certificate

Beauticians are people who have received training in this business and have a beautician certificate.

Beautician training is constantly renewing itself. People who want to open a beauty salon must have received and graduated from courses approved by the Ministry of National Education or schools that provide education on this subject.

In courses and schools where beauty certificates are given, everything related to the concept of beauty, skin care, hair care, personal care and the use of devices is given as training.

Anyone who does not have a beauty education cannot open a salon. They should have received the necessary training in this regard. Even if he wants to open a salon, he cannot get the necessary authorization permissions. That is why he is required to attend all the necessary courses.

Courses and seminars are held in the profession from time to time. In addition, if a new device related to beauty has been released to the market and this device is to be taken to the salon, that device training should also be taken. Or a staff member may be sent to the course to receive this training. In other words, it is one of the professions whose education never ends. All necessary exams must also be taken.

Determining the place where the hall will be opened

You need to do a very meticulous research on the place where the hall will be opened. There are two things you should pay attention to when determining the location. First, a place with an elite section should be preferred. In other words, a place with a high income level should be determined. The second point is that there is no well-established beauty salon in the place where you will open the salon. Customers do not give up certain habits easily. Therefore, if you want to make a profit in your new job, you need to pay attention to these two criteria.

Hall Design and Service Quality

People love luxury and quality service. While designing the living room, a spacious place that does not bore people should be preferred and the living room should be furnished stylishly and comfortably. In terms of hygiene, furniture and all surfaces (including walls) should be easy to clean. Because hygiene is very important in these halls. Subscribe to fashion and beauty magazines, take care to understand what the customer wants as a whole. Be sure to have a computer. If you are going to make a haircut, show the hairstyles to the customer via the computer and determine the appropriate cut accordingly. Let there be music, but prefer beautiful and peaceful music.

Establish Healthy Communication

The customer doesn't just expect a good service. He prefers to be in a beautiful environment rather than get bored while waiting. If you do your job with a friendly service concept, you will get loyal customers. If you look at a business only as a commercial gain, you may make money, but you will not have a permanent communication. For this, you and your staff need to communicate well with people. Be smiling, greet with a nice face, and never sulk. Ask how it is, and create a nice chat environment while doing business. Do not skimp on your treats and if you are going to be a regular customer, learn how to drink coffee and whether you drink tea with or without sugar.

Beauty Salon Must-Haves

In the hall, which should have a closed area of at least 75 square meters, a separate section should be created for each transaction and the names of the sections should be written on the doors. Such as hair removal room, hair design department and skin care room. Adequate lighting, ventilation and heating systems must be installed in these sections.

Diplomas and documents showing that all the necessary training has been received to open the hall must be hung in a visible part of the waiting room. Aprons or uniforms should be prepared for the personnel. There should be a disinfecting device for the devices and all tools used.

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