Mobile Hairdresser Business Idea

Mobile Hairdresser Business Idea
12 May 2024

Providing Mobile Hairdressing Services

A mobile hairdresser is a hairdressing service provided outside a beauty salon or hairdressing building. There are important occasions when a hairdressing service is required in a bride or wedding house because it is time-consuming for a bride to travel to and from a beauty salon to prepare. In addition, people who are very busy in this business or who have a disability that cannot go to the hairdresser or who are difficult to reach due to old age can access the hairdressing services they need. For some reason, these people are the hairdresser who travels home to offer their professional services to clients.

This business area, which brings together beauty and technology professionals and those in need, is a business area that should be considered for people who have the skills required by the hairdressing profession and who are intermediaries. Although it may seem like a luxury to call the hairdresser to the living space, it is actually not like that at all. It should be seen as a business line that will increase in popularity in the future due to the visible increase in the number of humanity and the elderly, which is in an increasingly rapid rush.

Mobile hairdresser is a profession that makes its customers feel special

The first thing to remember as a mobile hairdresser is that each of the clients feels special. After an appointment is made to a customer and starting to provide his service, it is an important step for customer satisfaction not to meet with a different customer as much as possible. And while someone who constantly talks about themselves during service is frowned upon by customers, what they want to know is what the person did about their job after the last appointment. And at the same time, they want him to take care of them. And knowing the names of customers' children and where they work is one of the factors that make them feel special.

How Can Mobile Hairdresser Service Providers Retain Their Customers?

Customers are the most important asset, and it is necessary to do everything possible to protect this asset. It is necessary to create a database where customer information is located, such as when they last received and what service they received, will be kept regularly. This is a simple case that can be kept in an excel list. At least once a week, this database should be checked and the customers who are due for service should be updated and the customers whose appointments have come should be called or reminded. Not calling the customer whose time has come can create the impression that he is not valued and cause the customer to lose.

Opening a Women's Hair Salon

If there has been a loss of customers; Considering the costs of customer acquisition, every effort must be made to win back customers. Because this is a cheaper and safer way than gaining a new customer. And they are important for sustainability because previous customers have known and tried the service. That's why time management is so important and should not be confused with a different customer service.

Mobile Hairdresser's Target Audience

Mobile hairdresser service; It is an attractive service for people who are very busy, who cannot go to the hairdressing salon, who cannot leave their home, who do not want to go to the hairdressing salon, and who have difficulty in transportation due to their age or disability. There are several benefits of getting services from a mobile hairdresser and the audiences it is related to are:

  1. Weddings can be life-saving: Wedding; It means a busy schedule for people such as the bride, the bride's mother, family, and friends. Now, while it is difficult for all these people to go to the beauty salon for their hair and make-up, it is possible to get this service without leaving the venue thanks to the mobile hairdresser service.
  2. It is the ideal service for seniors: Just because people are elderly doesn't mean they don't need personal care services. These elderly people are often unable to leave their homes due to some disability. In such cases, a mobile hairdresser can respond to your hairstyle and grooming needs.
  3. It's a good service for busy moms: dropping off kids and going to a hair salon is a luxury that not all busy moms can afford. The best option is to take advantage of the mobile hairdressing service because children can get this service without having to worry about it.
  4. It is a time-saving service: To get to a hairdressing salon, there are sometimes difficulties such as overcoming traffic problems and finding a parking space. A mobile hairdresser makes it possible to receive this service from the comfort of your home and save time.
  5. Provides collective services at home: Home hairdressing services are beneficial for families who prefer to receive personal care services for the whole family at the same time.
  6. Advantage: An advantage of mobile hairdressing is that it is often advantageous because it is much lower than the price that would be paid for a hair stylist in general.
  7. Serving villages: Rather than city centers, some villages do not have businesses that provide barber and hairdresser services. Imagine that there is an average of 500 inhabitants in a village. And based on the fact that you visit this village on average 1 time per month. At least 20-30 different customers can be easily reached.

How Much Does It Cost to Provide Mobile Hairdressing Service?

The mobile hairdresser, as the name suggests, needs a tool. A tool that is classified in such a way that the materials used in hairdressing can be classified in an organized manner and easily found plays an important role in customer satisfaction in this profession. In a commercial vehicle, a shelf layout can be set up and adjusted accordingly, or it can be arranged in this way in a passenger vehicle. In addition, starting with the minimum equipment required for this job at the beginning, a more comprehensive vehicle can be obtained as the customer portfolio is expanded in the future.

A person who will start without an intermediary can start this business with 3000 USD by buying a 2nd hand vehicle and providing the materials required by this job, while he can start with 5000 USD by making arrangements in his own vehicle. With activities such as writing a name on the vehicle or having a coating for the advertisement of the work, he can also advertise himself while traveling with his vehicle. In addition to business cards and brochures, it can also increase its customer base with advertisements on social media.

How Much Can Mobile Hairdressers Earn?

The earnings of the mobile hairdresser will differ according to the region, city, service and recognition of this job. A well-known mobile hairdresser may have very high prices compared to others, or it may have enough business circulation to experience appointment intensity. The most common procedures in a local hairdresser with average prices are procedures such as haircuts, hair dyeing and eyebrow plucking. In addition, many procedures such as hair and face masks, waxing procedures, hand and foot care, etc. are provided by hairdressers as services.

When we look at the prices in a local hairdressing shop, considering that the most common procedures are 20 USD, 10 USD for the purchase of eyebrows and mustaches, and 50 USD for hair dyeing, these prices will be at least 20-30% more in mobile hairdressers. Someone who will provide this service all day can earn a net income of at least 500-1500 USD per day. Of course, if it intends to provide other services related to beauty and personal care, this income should not be ignored while an additional employee cost is carried very high.

The increase in this income can vary in direct proportion to how much the business is promoted, how satisfied the customer is and how much he recommends it to others. In order to be stable in timing and to appeal to more customers, paying attention to the fact that the appointments are made in the same regions is also a factor that increases revenue. In addition, providing services in the preparations before the meetings and mass organizations held by women under the name of the day both reduces the cost of transportation and increases the income as more customers will be served.

Mobile hairdressing service; While it meets a need for people who cannot go out for personal care, it can also create a preferred niche area by making the person feel special. To succeed in this niche business idea; It all depends on the person's ability, success in business promotion, and customer satisfaction. Wouldn't you like to receive personal care services in the comfort of your home?

Why not!

More Earnings for Service Providers

Serving in this sector or in different sectors; If you are a master, expert, trainer, consultant or a company official, you can get more new customers by doing research on the internet, registering on websites where you can create service postings.

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