Intercity Transportation Business Idea

Intercity Transportation Business Idea
12 May 2024

Intercity Transportation

Your entrepreneurial spirit is activated and you want to use a certain amount of your capital in the intercity transport / transportation sector. The shipping and transportation sector is one of the rare sectors that is active even in times of economic recession. Products such as house transportation, food, raw materials, warehouse products, vegetables-fruits, textiles, etc., are transported to every point of the country by highways. For this reason, the transportation business model, which is among the profitable sectors, is generally one of the sectors that make entrepreneurs think "should I do it".

If you are planning to build your business on intercity transportation and transportation, you first need to decide on the category and size of the intercity transportation company. Will your intercity moving company only be interested in moving houses or will it work in this area as a general purpose? You need to give answers to questions such as, etc. If you plan to transport products such as food, textiles, raw materials, you may need to have a larger vehicle fleet than you planned. In this case, it is very important to decide on a size that is directly proportional to your capital in order to realize your business idea.

Business Size and Target Audience

If you plan to establish a business that only deals with house moving, you will need to set up a moving team as well as a truck and mobile vehicle lift. Because in house moving jobs, customers usually want the packaging and moving of the belongings in the house to be done from a single source.

You also need to decide in which geographical areas you will work in the intercity transportation business.  If you do not want to get into the house moving business, you can move products such as food, textiles, raw materials, equipment. However, in this case, you may need to set up a small fleet of vehicles. In this respect, instead of buying the vehicles, you can choose one of the rental or leasing methods. In addition, if you are thinking of making your company a smaller business, you can go to the way of transportation per package of marketplace companies.

The main issue is that it is important to determine the type of shipping that your business will specialize in. Because it also helps you to identify the equipment you may need according to the type of transportation. It is also important to determine the route of your transport company and the regions it will serve. As in all other sectors, the transportation sector is one of the most competitive sectors. For this reason, it is important to determine the loading volume and capacity as well as the type of customer you want to serve.  The shipping service you want to specialize in also contributes to determining your target customer base. You need to specialize in a certain type of customer in your customer base and create your marketing strategy according to your customers.

Creating a business plan is one of the keys to success in your business. Do not forget to plan to grow and develop in the market where your business is located. In order for your company to compete properly with its competitors, it will make your job much easier if you determine the types of offers and fees in advance. After that, you need to get the work, license, permits and the necessary training by hiring the personnel.  It is important to do advertising and promotional activities for you and your business. In addition to your advertising and sales plans, you may need to bid on transport tenders. In addition, you need to organize the necessary planning and schedule to fulfill the business requirements.

Intercity Transportation, Documents Required for Transportation

When you decide to start your transportation and intercity transportation business, you need to provide the necessary documents, such as transportation. The first and most important of these documents is the tax plate. It is obligatory to apply for a tax plate as of the date you buy a truck. Because vehicles over a certain tonnage (3.5 tons) are classified as commercial vehicles, the application is mandatory according to the law as of the date you buy the vehicle.

One of the most important documents required for the transportation sector is the transportation authorization certificate. It is obligatory to obtain the authorization certificate suitable for your transportation from K1, K2, K3 documents. Depending on the tonnage of the vehicle to be used and whether the transportation is in the city or outside the city, you need to get one of these documents. It is one of the mandatory documents for your issuance of a transport card, like other transportation authorization certificates.

The SRC certificate will appear as one of the mandatory documents issued between SRC1 and SRC4 depending on the type of transportation you will make. You can also apply for a license by issuing routine documents such as activity certificate, Chamber registration certificate, criminal record.

Strategies for Finding Customers When Doing Shipping Business

Since our country has a dense population, it is one of the most active and demanded business branches in almost every city in the field of both home transportation and freight transportation.

Therefore, it is quite a lot in the competition in this sector.

Today, many of the people submit their requests to shipping companies over the internet. For this reason, you can start your work with a professional website, either individually or by working as a company. Apart from this, you can add your company's advertisement and phone numbers to the tarpaulin areas of the vehicles you will operate. You can visit the companies in the city where you will serve, distribute brochures and make acquaintance visits.

The Cost of Doing Freight Forwarding Business

Unfortunately, it would not be right to state that there is a net cost of doing transportation work. But to put it in a very straight logic; When you consider items such as establishing a sole proprietorship, buying a 2nd hand truck/van, employing 2 or more personnel, advertising at basic standards, etc., you may encounter an average cost of around 250 usd

One of the important points to be considered at this stage is that, since the transportation business will naturally be on a vehicle, the transportation vehicle will have standard depreciation expenses monthly, weekly or even daily. Fuel, tax, maintenance costs, etc. For this reason, we recommend that you start your work by considering short-term accounts instead of long-term accounts when making your profitability and turnover calculations.

The Profitability of Doing Freight Forwarding Business

As in every business field, making money in this field is the goal of every entrepreneur. Therefore, no one wants to lose money instead of making it. But it's also worth remembering that the account at home doesn't always fit the bill.

All the information that we will indicate in this field is given on a purely representative basis:

For example; Let's say you do 20 different long-distance home moving jobs in a 30-day period. Let's assume that an average of 10,000 usd is received for each job. It has a total turnover of 200,000 usd.

Of course, the above-mentioned situation is purely representative. It will vary according to your business potential and determination to work.

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