Flower Shop Business Idea

Flower Shop Business Idea
12 May 2024

Doing Floriculture

If you like flower arrangements made on special occasions and flower bouquets taken to hospital visits, opening a flower shop can be a profitable investment. Costs vary for the opening of flower shops. Costs vary depending on where you will start and how much material you will buy, and whether the materials you buy are second-hand or new.

Reception of large equipment

Large equipment is needed for the efficient operation of flower shops. Thanks to the cooling cabinets and containers, it is ensured that the flowers are kept fresh for days, and even sensitive flowers such as orchids in your inventory are stored. With the growth of business, multiple shipments are made to hospitals and workplaces, and in this case, it can be considered to buy transport vans.

Location of the shop

In order to open a flower shop, shop rents should be added to the cost calculations. Positioning the shops in places with high pedestrian traffic will increase sales. Being near hospitals and business centers can also provide the opportunity for fast and easy delivery, as well as allowing you to be easily found and frequently preferred. Considering the opening of physical shops, there are operating costs. The working costs of the refrigeration cabinets, telephone lines, electricity used during working hours, shop rent, electricity, water, air gas services are incurred. In this case, it is necessary to have at least 3-6 months of capital to cover these costs.

Flower arrangement materials

Many materials are needed for flower arrangements. Some materials can be bought second-hand. However, some of them need to be bought new. Costs vary depending on wholesaler costs and which suppliers will buy materials from. Flower wires, flower tapes, sponges, ribbons, vases, protective materials needed to keep flowers alive, plastic card holders and cards, tapes, knives, staples and scissors are some of the materials you need.

Reception of fresh flowers

Wholesalers should be available for local flowers with small quantities. You can then save on shipping fees by placing larger orders. In the early days, it would be better to order a small amount in order not to waste the inventory you have. Weekly costs for fresh flowers vary depending on local demand and the seasonality of the flowers.


One of the other elements that should be calculated when opening flower shops is employee costs. Calculate how much salary you can afford to pay the bills until your shop is in profit.

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