Baby SPA Center Business Idea

Baby SPA Center Business Idea
30 April 2024

Opening a SPA Center for Babies and Children

You may have heard about the SPA centers opened for babies recently and you may be thinking that this much is spoiled. Well, don't our children, who are our enthusiasm for life, have the right to experience this service that will contribute to their spiritual, mental and physical development?

The number of SPA centers has increased day by day both in the world and in our country, and this business area has become a serious gain for entrepreneurs. Thanks to the SPA centers that have recently started to be opened for babies and children, it has managed to attract more attention of investors as the sector has gained a new lifeline. In this article, we will try to touch on some tricks about the details, advantages, business opening costs and profit of this business for those who are considering investing in this field.

What is SPA?

First of all, let's give a brief explanation of what SPA centers are. As a word, SPA  comes from the initials of the Latin words "Selus Per Aqua", which means health from water  . When we look at the history, the service provided in SPA centers, which dates back to the Romans and spread to Europe and all other countries in time travel, includes personal care and therapies with water.

While the services provided for adults in these therapy and personal care services are hydrotherapy, spa, fitness, sauna, gyms, skin care, cellulite treatment, natural stone therapy, oil therapy or massage with many different massage techniques, there are also SPA centers with package services that offer accommodation.

What are the Services Included in Baby SPA Centers?

In baby SPA centers, water therapy is safely performed in jacuzzis, which are filled separately for each baby. In these centers, babies aged 0-10 months with a low belly are served, but the sessions usually last between 20-30 minutes. In this process, babies with neck rings try to move casually in the water. In fact, the movements of the baby, whose movement development increases, in the next sessions are called a kind of water dance.

In this process, parents are also provided with massage services, and they are asked to participate in therapy to share their babies' first swimming experiences and photograph them. In this way, they are both allowed to spend a better quality day with their babies and their babies are given the opportunity to enjoy these first swimming experiences. After 20-30 minutes of jacuzzi pleasure, the babies are taken to specially prepared massage tables with specially selected aromatic oils for 15-20 minutes. They are massaged in between.

In this way, the first therapies of babies whose massage is completed by certified, specially trained people are completed. In addition, these centers help parents with young babies to raise awareness of this issue by answering their questions about baby care, massage.

What are the Benefits of Getting Baby SPA Service?

It is well known that hydrotherapy and aromatic massage provide relaxation and relaxation. However, when it comes to babies, the benefits it provides are even more curious. In this SPA center, babies first develop hand-arm coordination with swimming exercises in specially prepared jacuzzis, which are filled separately for each baby. Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, they can easily perform the movements that they cannot normally perform in the water, and this is beneficial in the development of the muscles.

These activities, which they can participate in after the umbilical cord falls, have positive effects on their emotional, physical and mental development. For example, emotionally; While interacting and communicating with the environment, they learn a sense of unity and harmony and reinforce their sense of trust.

On a physical level, we can list the benefits as follows:

  1. Provides relaxation and relaxation
  2. Lowers stress hormones
  3. Stimulates all systems of the body
  4. Promotes healthy growth
  5. Increases resistance to disease
  6. Helps digestion
  7. Induces sleep
  8. Improves circulation and muscle function
  9. Encourages deep breathing
  10. Helps relieve colic pains
  11. Reduces complications and increases weight gain in premature babies
  12. Relieves toothaches
  13. Provides relief from developmental pains
  14. Supports muscle and nerve development
  15. Supports coordination

The therapy service offered in these centers can also be adapted for children, as well as for young babies. In addition, it can have positive effects on the development and adaptation of infants and children with special health conditions such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. In addition, massage and therapy services can be provided not only to the baby but also to the mother in these centers. While helping the mother to overcome postpartum depression easily, these massages, which encourage milk production, create an opportunity for the mother and her baby to spend more quality time together.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Baby SPA Center?

First of all, we should state that; Although the number of baby SPA centers is very high, especially in European countries, there is still a gap in this regard in our country. It is possible to consider this gap as an opportunity for those who are considering investing. Because when it comes to children for families, the flowing water stops and they do not hesitate to make any expenditures, especially if it is a subject that can be beneficial for them. Baby SPA centers are a rapidly rising sector in many European countries and it is seen that they have started to give dealerships and franchises in order to grow in companies in our country.

When we take a look at the cost of opening a baby SPA, the necessary equipment; We can list the space as jacuzzis, massage tables and decoration to create an ambiance that appeals to children. Even if the personnel to work is a health professional, the Ministry of National Education. It is also a must to have the certificate issued by .

Baby jacuzzi prices in the market vary up to 2,000 – 20,000 TL. The cost of opening a SPA center that appeals to babies and their mothers varies depending on the location, size, number of staff and decoration of the place to be opened, but it can be shown between 10,000 usd L and 100,000 usd. This figure may be much higher depending on how big, luxurious a place it will be.

Note: If you have decided to start a new business in this sector, we recommend that you review the content of the baby and child activity center business plan.

However, although they are considering investing in this sector, it is possible for entrepreneurs with less capital to enter this business by buying a dealership. In this business venture, which they can start in a shorter time by using the name and advantage of the brand, they can choose the company that suits them by examining the conditions of the companies that provide franchises / franchises. Although the conditions and dealership fees vary from company to company, it should be emphasized that they vary between 40,000 – 200,000 TL.

Does Baby SPA Center Earn a Job?

The profitability of the investment to be made in this business area, which is on the rise rapidly in the world and in our country, varies depending on several factors. These factors can be listed as the location of the place, the quality and awareness of the service provided, and the success of the entrepreneur. Since this business area is in today's trends and the target audience is children, it can be considered as a winning area.

In addition, the fact that the service to be provided after installing the system does not seem to bring much additional costs is another indication that it is a profitable investment. Considering that especially women encourage each other to buy services or products through word-of-mouth marketing on these issues, it seems to be a business area worth considering with good planning. Opening a Children's Play and Activity Center

Prices in these baby therapy centers vary according to the city, variety of services or brand, and a session of approximately 1 hour costs between 150 – 1,300 usd. There are baby SPA centers in the market that offer package service for 5 sessions for 800 usd, as well as salons that apply different price and marketing strategies with periodic discounts or sweepstakes. Earnings in this area may vary depending on how well the advertising and marketing of the SPA center is done, how much the occupancy of the center can be achieved and customer satisfaction.

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