Automobile Business Ideas

Automobile Business Ideas
13 May 2024

Business ideas for vehicles

The automotive aftermarket is a large and diversified industry worldwide. Car maintenance businesses will continue to grow faster than the overall economy, most of the time. Forward-looking indicators suggest that there is ample opportunity for additional growth in the future. This is due to the growing vehicle population and the increasing number of individual car owners.

Investing in the Automotive Industry

In this article, you can find 13 different profitable car business ideas that will provide a solid income and profit potential against a planned business investment;

1- Mobile Oil Change Service Operation

A person with passion and experience in the automobile industry can start a profitable mobile oil change service business with a low initial capital investment. An average area of 50-200 m2 is sufficient for this business, and you can establish a business with a capital of approximately 50,000 USD.

2- Mobile Car Wash Business

This business model has gradually begun to gain popularity in our country, especially in the last few years. Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make a lot of money without risking a capital investment. The business also eliminates the need for retail locations. 1 panel van type vehicle is sufficient for this business, and you can start with a capital of approximately 40,000 USD.

3- Automobile Service Station

It is possible to start the car service station business in the urban or semi-urban city with a stock of spare parts. After providing the necessary infrastructure (service machinery and equipment), you can make this very profitable and continuous business model. An average area of 100-400 m2 is sufficient for this business, and you can establish your business with a capital of approximately 50,000 USD to 100,000 USD.

4- Tire Retail Management

The tire business opportunity requires full control of the inventory and adequate knowledge of the different types of tires that come with different unique numbers.

5- Battery Renewal Business

The battery replacement shop provides the service of fully restoring the energy to its original capacity with less battery. You can supply economical products from suppliers and sell with an average profit margin of 40%. A huge advantage of battery shops is that they are a business that does not take up a lot of space and does not require a lot of technical knowledge.

6- Vehicle Towing Service

The car towing service business offers services to help owners of damaged or broken down vehicles to take their vehicles to the service station. This business is one of the most preferred business ideas in the automotive sector in our country. 1 flatbed truck/pickup truck type vehicle is sufficient for this business, and you can start with a capital of approximately 70,000 USD. After obtaining the necessary permits/documents, you can easily serve in your city and neighboring provinces. After installing your system, you can add a new carrier to your vehicle fleet within your means and continue to earn additional income with only 1 driver.

7- Spare Parts Shop

In the most profitable automobile business ideas, it is the distribution of spare parts, and the profit margin is good enough.

8- Driving School

Setting up a driving school can be a rewarding and lucrative venture. An individual who has an idea about marketing can start a driving school business with moderate capital investment. However, opening a driving school is not easy as it was in the past. It requires a lot of content such as creating the necessary business area, agreeing with trainers, providing a fleet of driver vehicles. Many other tools are more costly than the business idea, and the responsibility is quite high. However, the biggest advantage is; After you have the necessary basic system in place, it will continue to bring you profit without much expense throughout your life.

9- Automobile Mini Repair Service

This business model has become one of the business models established in almost every region, especially in the last 5 years. The only reason: The price value of the vehicles in Turkey decreases as a result of painting on the body surface in case of any minor or major accident. However, as a dealer of a company on this business or after receiving training, you can earn really high volumes of money and sustain your life.

10- Car Accessory Store

The increase in the vehicle population is the reason for the increased opportunity in the car accessories market. Opening a car accessories store is one of the most profitable automobile business ideas.

11- Auto appraisal shop

With the necessary legal arrangements made in the past period, the auto expert profession continues to walk its head. It wouldn't be a lie if we say that he is even running.

Auto service is a completely clean spacious area that has nothing to do with maintenance work and 2. It is the business model of examining/researching the vehicle to be purchased by a person who buys a hand vehicle. An average area of 100-400 m2 is sufficient for this business, and you can establish your business with a capital of approximately 70,000 USD to 200,000 USD.

12- Used Car Dealer

The used car market continues to grow globally. Usually, a vehicle is sold 3 to 4 times over its entire lifetime. This creates the market for the 2nd hand car dealership. You can start the experience with this initiative with its retail location and about by owning used vehicles. In the used car dealership business, it is important to know about depreciation assessment.

13- Automatic Car Wash Center

Some drivers want to get the service of a car wash company to have their vehicle cleaned, while others prefer an automatic car wash center. The most suitable areas for this job are gas stations. However, if you break this chain and establish this business on an empty land, for example, you will have a great investment for the future and you can earn high profits without employing too many personnel. To open an automatic car wash business, sufficient space and modern technical washing (tunnel washing machines) equipment are required.

Buying a Dealership in the Automotive Industry

It is possible to create many after-sales business areas from the automotive sector, which is one of the locomotive sectors worldwide.

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