Auto Tow Truck Business Idea

Auto Tow Truck Business Idea
13 May 2024

Auto Recovery Business Idea

The number of vehicles, which is increasing day by day in the Global World, creates business lines on top of this number. In general, like every business line born as a result of cyclical sales in the automotive sector, the towing and rescue sector is transforming into a sector where profit margins are increasing.

Considering the number of old vehicles and the number of accidents, we can understand how logical the auto rescue service is, this line of business, which has been used for years, has become one of the profitable jobs in the last 25 years.

On average, you will need a capital of 30,000 usd to do the auto salvage business. This capital will be required for vehicles and towing equipment. The tow truck, which you can use with a class C driver's license, requires a driver's license for vehicles over 3.5 tons.

We have researched everything you need for the auto tow truck – auto rescue business, which is a job where you can earn good money by towing small vehicles, down to the smallest detail.

What is an auto tow truck? We have compiled everything for you, including Auto Tow Truck Cost, documents required for auto tow truck and auto tow truck – rescuer. We tried to explain to you with examples, including how much the profit margin will be as a result of comparisons.

In addition to being done professionally, auto salvage work can be done individually as an amateur and additional income can be provided.

How to Do a Roadside Assistance Job?

In order to do the AUTO RESCUER job, you must have at least 1 auto tow truck. The average price of an auto tow truck varies between 20.00 usd.

If you want to use more professional vehicles as tow trucks and work for better jobs, you must have a K CERTIFICATE.

The cost of tow vehicles that can be used with the K CERTIFICATE has prices ranging from 60,000 USD. Annual taxes and insurance costs reach 10 thousand liras. Driving is not possible without a K CERTIFICATE

Who Is Auto Tow Truck and Rescuer Business Done With?

Once you put your mind to do this job, yes, this process actually starts after you buy the vehicle, not every tow truck can earn money. You need to have an advertisement, you need to have an agreement with some companies, especially insurance companies. Your immediate environment or most of your environment should be related to your work. Advertising starts from the environment. Advertising can also be done with google adwords ads. By advertising on the well-known Google search engine, for example: you need to reach a user who writes the word cascade auto rescuer and ensure that he reaches you.

If you say I don't have an environment but I have money, the job changes, auto tow truck fleets do a very good job, and if you have 5 vehicles after agreements with insurance companies, all 5 of them can be in the field. Especially if you are going to do this job in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, your chances will increase even more (due to the population of people and vehicles).

If you are going to do this job, you can have extras by agreeing with rent a car companies, if you have 5 to 10 customers in big cities, it is possible to make a turnover of 10,000 usd per day. The requirements for this are already clear, you need to act in accordance with your 24-hour sign, keep your phone on at all times and be a courteous phone talker.

Documents Required for Auto Tow Truck and Rescuer

If you do not intend to work intercity, it is sufficient to have a document for a special purpose as a K CERTIFICATE. You need to know that this document has a maximum value of 6250 liras, including exams, stamps, fees and travel expenses.

If you want to provide intercity services other than being local, you have to sacrifice 20 thousand liras for the K CERTIFICATE on average. You can find the most detailed information about the operator and the price in the information sections of the driving schools.

If you do not have a K CERTIFICATE, we do not recommend you to enter the tow truck business in any way, it should be noted that working without a certificate costs serious penalties. You should know that serious figures start from figures such as 2,000usd on usd basis.

Your auto tow truck must definitely have traffic insurance, if you specify it as a special purpose tow truck, we come across a figure of xxx liras, including stamps and taxes. If you wish, you have the chance to cheat, but we do not recommend it, you can pay a heavy price. If you want to take a risk and solve this job for 200 usd, you can get pickup truck insurance. If it is used for special purposes, the insurance covers all costs in case of any problem.

For the conditions of the authorization certificate, you can learn everything that is required about the certificate from the chamber of tradesmen and craftsmen. Doing business without a certificate of authorization is both unethical and can cause you to face many different penalties.

Is the Auto Salvage and Tow Truck Business Profitable?

We can say that it is one of the most profitable business ideas, take a skullcap and cone. Burn 100 USD of diesel, get an average of 50 USD expense, get an average of 200,000 USD from a job, get out of the business???? It is a sector with a profit margin of 300% even though you have jobs on average. In big cities, even the closest distance is around 300 usd ?

After a certain kilometer, there is a charging system like a taxi, figures such as 25 usd per kilometer. These figures are the kind of figures that will make you say woe to those who are on the road 30 or 40 km away. In addition to these, I think that you should be a little merciful here in the towing sector, which is one of the situations that users shrug and complain about the most.

Auto Tow Truck Business Profit Margin

Considering that we make money by tying up a medium-sized capital, even if it is not large, it is actually earned even a little by looking at the risk and profit ratio. On average, you get 200 usd by going to 5 tow truck jobs. When you make a profit of 150, you earn xxx liras per day. Very simple accounts, but if things don't go the way you want, if you don't have good deals or good ads, you won't be able to make money.

Considering the width of the environment in big cities such as Istanbul, you can even go to 10 different jobs a day, you can persevere for months and be patient and earn back the money you give in 5-6 months. On average, calculate each shooting job as 1 hour in Istanbul.

Old and sturdy pickup trucks such as used HINO, DODGE, ISUZU will also be able to do the trick. For those who say they don't want to buy zero, I don't have a lot of capital, they can be bought for the type of vans.

Auto salvage regulation

If you want to do auto salvage work, this regulation contains provisions published in the official gazette that must be followed.

We recommend that you pay close attention to the link where you can find information, including what you may experience after situations contrary to the regulations and legislation.

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