3D Printing Business Idea

3D Printing Business Idea
30 April 2024

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a new printing mechanism that can print an image in 3D, and it is quite realistic and just as attractive compared to a 2D image. The 3D process is made by a series of layers placed on top of each other at the same time, making each layer appear slightly higher than the other, which increases the attractiveness of the designs made. Especially with the rapid increase in demand for 3D printing in recent years, the 3D printing business has become a target investment for investors. In this case, people who will invest in this highly technological business area seem to have a high chance of being successful and profiting from this business. Because 3D printing, which can be worked on in many areas, is an area where an innovative, sustainable and bright future is foreseen.

For investors who are curious about the 3D printing business; We have prepared this article, which contains detailed information on the details, cost, business plan, sustainability and business ideas that can be done in this business:

How Does 3D Printing Work?

It is quite easy to be able to create a 3D image of an object using 3D image software. Or, in the same way, a 3D model of an object can be obtained by printing it out from a 3D printer after scanning the picture. In fact, this technology is not very new, but 3D printing model designs of objects have become very popular recently. While investments in this sector were very small in 2012, in 2017 they reached around $10 billion and tend to be $21 billion in 2020.

Considering this rise, the future of the printing industry is very bright and it is among the most profitable business ideas for those who are considering making a business investment in this field. Although competition is quite high today, an entrepreneur who proves his difference always has the opportunity to establish his own market with reliable customers. It is necessary to create a business plan needed in 3D printing and establish a system of printing equipment.

Business Plan For 3D Printing Business

3D printing is a job that requires a little talent and hard work in design, along with a creative eye. Although this business may seem a bit challenging and a bit expensive at first, when everything goes well, a big profit can be made. For a business plan to be successful, it must be comprehensive, and the investor who will do this business must think realistically. Because in order for this work to reap the fruits, it must make a lot of effort and be creative.

To create a 3D printing business plan, here are a few steps to take:

  1. Determination of needs for 3D Printing system
  2. Determination of the required investment capital
  3. Determination of other needs outside the system
  4. Setting a target for the duration of the return on investment
  5. Potential of the market to be entered
  6. Targeted amount of return on investment

Note: If you have decided to start a new business in this industry, we  recommend that you review the content of the 3d printing workshop business plan.

Requirements for 3D Printing System

In the system to be installed for 3D printing work, it is necessary to provide a number of elements that can do all 3D work. Here are a few of them:

  1. Software
  2. Thermo Plastic Filament
  3. Filament Reel
  4. Sample material kits for Metals
  5. 3D printer
  6. Digital animation training

Software: A software is needed to run the 3D printing setup. Initially, you can start with a free sample software, but if you want to be professional, it is essential to purchase a licensed software package.

Thermo Plastic Filament: This material is needed in the 3D printing business. A thermoplastic filament is strong, lightweight and durable, ensuring that printed images are taken perfectly.

Filament Reel: Although thermo plastic filament is a good idea as a material choice, other options such as filament spools can also be used.

3D Printer: Of course, choosing a 3D printer gerekir. 3D printer wisely for printing images is essential because this is the last point that determines the quality of your creativity. And since 3D is the most expensive requirement in investment costs, it needs to be chosen wisely, because it may not be easily replaced.

Digital Animation Course: It  is necessary to be skilled and knowledgeable enough to use the 3D system. With the courses to be taken, it is possible to reach the necessary knowledge and improve them over time.

3D Printing Business Required Investment Amount

When it comes to how much capital is required to start your own 3D printing business, the cost of purchasing a software varies depending on the need. Some high-end software costs around $500 to $5,000. The prices of some of the software that are usually used in the market are as follows:

Software Prices

  1. Fusion: $360
  2. Geomagic Design: 2111 ₺
  3. Gergedan 3D: $1166
  4. SketchUp $: 412
  5. Software for solid materials: $4500

(prices quoted are approximate, may vary)

After software, the cost of stocking thermo plastic filaments and other filaments will be around $50. Sample material kits for metals, on the other hand, cost around $70 and range in price from $500 to $1500. This price may vary depending on the quality of the desired printer. Of course, at this point, it is recommended to choose a quality printer so that it does not affect the quality.

In addition, the rental of the place where the work will be done, the cost of employees, if any, the cost of repair and other such expenses vary according to the choice of the investor. In addition, additional employee costs, repair costs, electricity fees and connection costs, tables and furniture that will be required in the execution of the work are among the cost elements. In addition, the design and pattern requirements for 3D printing should be added to the cost studies. When we go with average figures, the total investment amount can vary around $ 2,500 – $ 10,000.

Return on Investment in 3D Printing Business

Although it takes as little as a month to procure all these materials for those who will invest, including the establishment of the system, it may take up to 3 months for someone who does not have knowledge to start this business in the courses they will take. Animation, design, drawing, sketching, finishing and running processes are time processes, and starting with a professional staff who knows this job of course shortens this time, but also brings an additional cost burden.

Yapılan yatırımın karşılığı, 3D baskı tasarımları satıldığında alınmaya başlanır ve bu en az üç ay sürecek bir dönemdir. Fakat müşteri kazanarak pazarı genişletmek için çok daha uzun süre Must. It is also possible to travel faster with different sales channels on the Internet. Considering the effort to provide a market, we can say that it will take at least a year to start getting a good return on investment.

What Should Be Done Routinely in a Sustainable Investment

Those who will invest in the 3D printing business should have routine workflow programs that they need to do in order to turn their business into a sustainable investment, as in every business. In the printing business, this workflow requires the following steps to be taken briefly:

  1. Constantly brainstorming about what the potential customer base needs and wants
  2. Constantly refreshing design ideas and starting to design 3D models
  3. Conducting model studies
  4. Ensuring that the models made are tested and verified by family, friends and potential customers around you
  5. Innovating and improving tested models based on their feedback to create a more desirable and salable product
  6. After making sure that the product has reached the perfection that can be put on the market, to search for the market and to expand the existing market
  7. To work on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and competitive advantage

These steps are sustainability policies that must be carried out on a routine basis to ensure a sustainable investment in this innovative business idea and help to guarantee the future of the business.

Sample Business Ideas in the 3D Printing Industry

When doing 3D printing business, as in any business, the target should always be products that are in trend and demand. In addition to trends, profitability can be increased and the sustainability of the business can be guaranteed by making designs that are extremely attractive to the customer, cool and different. For example, the prints to be made can be customized and diversified to suit your customers. At the same time, in order to gain your customer's trust, certain niches should be targeted and customer loyalty should be ensured by ensuring customer satisfaction.

We can examine the work to be done in several sections:

Customize existing items

It is possible to print in 3D by identifying people's favorite heroes or elements of newly released movies. With this technology, it is possible to design the selected character in a very short time and print it in a few seconds, so a good model designer and 3D printer operator can work miracles. And more importantly, it can sell its products all over the world. With these ideas, which are as wide as the limits of imagination, it is possible to create a considerable customer base in a short time.

Making jewelry-jewellery designs

If you don't have enough investment capital, it's not easy to stay one step ahead of your competitors. In this sense, it may be an excellent solution to do 3D printing at home, at least at the initial stage. By connecting with a good industrial designer, you can offer them jewelry models that you make at home, or you can sell unique jewelry products yourself in series and at affordable prices. The demand for unique decorations is huge, and 3D printing allows for easy customization and color change of existing products. The fact that customers know that there is no copy of the same jewellery is a factor that will increase the demand.

Prototyping service

Another example of a 3D printer business idea is prototyping. Many designers prefer to focus on the design process and do not think about buying the 3D printer, installing the system, and it is attractive for them to check their design ideas on real models. When prototyping services are offered, there are likely to be many customers among manufacturers who want to move into production. Opening a Cartridge and Toner Refill Center

3D scanning service

3D scanning is an additional service that can be provided in addition to 3D printing. Many people want to copy the shape of objects or creatures that are favorites for them. Items such as favorite animals, images of their friends, children, cars, boats, etc., can be scanned, scaled, modified, combined with other objects, and 3D printed.

3D Personalized food designs

As in every period, everyone wants to feel special and we can say that 3D technology is a blessing to serve this. For example, it is possible to make personalized models by processing the ice creams, candies or snacks that children and young people love the most in the form of objects they love. For example, this business idea can be presented as a different ice cream model for the next summer season.

In the 3D printing business, which is expected to rise even more in the coming years, there are also alternative options that will add value to your investment. For example, you can add post-processing procedures such as straightening, painting, firing, or assembling, and charge extra fees.

Remember; The limit of your profitability in this business is as much as your imagination.

(all prices mentioned in this article are approximate)

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