Exploring TARIMKON: International Collaboration in Agriculture and Food Industry

Exploring TARIMKON: International Collaboration in Agriculture and Food Industry
01 May 2024


TARIMKON is an organization operating in the agriculture, food, and related industrial sectors, providing a platform for supply, demand, consultancy, and project leaders under one roof to achieve national and international marketing, economic, and integration of economic cooperation. It serves over 6.5 million producers worldwide with representation in 55 countries, sales and marketing offices in 14 countries, showrooms in 2 countries, and 28 international collaborative project partnerships.

TARIMKON is committed to human rights and gender equality. It embraces equality for all social groups, supports youth and women's labor, and implements a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of discrimination. The organization promotes sustainable agricultural practices that are compatible with environmental rights and contributes to the implementation of policies and projects aimed at this purpose.

TARIMKON encourages its producers to shift from a "PRODUCTION FIRST, THEN MARKET" approach to a "MARKET FIRST, THEN PRODUCTION" philosophy, providing its members in national and international fields, sector representatives, businessmen, NGOs, cooperatives, and enterprises with services ranging from export to import, foreign investments, supply chain management, marketing, market research, foreign trade, education, and project support, making it one of the largest NGOs in the world in its field.

Mission of TARIMKON

The mission of TARIMKON is to enhance productivity in agricultural production and quality in the food sector through the widespread use of modern technology and quality production materials, to introduce sector representatives to new international markets, to meet communities' healthy nutritional needs in sufficient quantity and quality through economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable methods, and to preserve and enhance societal well-being through biodiversity.

Vision of TARIMKON

TARIMKON aims to influence economic and political developments on a global scale through collaborations with public institutions, private sector entities, universities, and NGOs in the national and international agriculture, food, and environmental sectors. It strives to establish a globally competitive, sustainable development-focused civil society organization that contributes to improving the income and welfare levels of producers, sector representatives, and workers in a free market environment.

International Projects Completed

  • Azerbaijan Special Afforestation Project
  • Afghanistan Natural Resources Utilization and Cross-Border Marketing
  • Germany-Turkey Agriculture and Food Trade Center
  • Uzbekistan Amu Darya Basin Soil Improvement Project Partnership
  • Various agricultural and technical training programs in countries such as Pakistan, Somalia, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Morocco, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Uganda, and Ghana.

Ongoing International Projects

  • Continuous Education Centers for Farmers in countries like Nigeria and Uganda
  • Rural Development Action Plans in regions like Kogi State, Nigeria, and Sobabo State, Ghana
  • Agricultural Cooperative Training in Uganda and Ghana
  • Anadolu Trade Centers across various regions including the Balkans, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Kosovo

Completed International Market Research

The International Agriculture and Food Confederation, TARIMKON, continues to conduct market research, sales, and marketing offices across 14 countries, enhancing its contributions to its members and the sector.

Our Export Intelligence System

With our comprehensive data pool, equipped team, and proprietary analysis methodology, we offer information that keeps your business a step ahead of competitors in identifying and analyzing current trade locations and volumes, import and export data, and commercial balances globally. We provide extensive market research reports, feasibility studies, and consultancy services to develop export and business development roadmaps, enhance brand perception, and enable businesses to be preferred internationally.

This service outlines the comprehensive support TARIMKON offers in project development, quality assurance, and sustainable production, including grants, incentives, and consultancy services from various national agencies and organizations.

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