Comprehensive Legal Support & Consultancy for Foreigners in Turkey

Comprehensive Legal Support & Consultancy for Foreigners in Turkey
01 June 2024

What is the Comprehensive Legal Support & Consultancy Service for Foreigners in Turkey?

The legal consultancy service we offer for foreigners is a meticulously crafted and comprehensive service package provided by JİT DANIŞMANLIK. This service package provides full support to foreign individuals and legal entities in obtaining residence and work permits in Turkey, as well as in applying for Turkish citizenship and managing other legal processes. The services provided under Foreigners Law aim to secure the legal status of foreigners in Turkey and simplify their processes.

Scope of Foreigners Law

Foreigners Law is a branch of law that covers the legal status of foreign individuals in a country, including their rights, obligations, and statuses. In Turkey, Foreigners Law is regulated as a sub-branch of International Law, directly or indirectly related to other branches of law such as Public International Law and Administrative Law.

Who is a Foreigners Law (Immigration Law) Lawyer?

A Foreigners Law lawyer is a specialized legal professional who provides services tailored to the legal needs of foreigners living in or wishing to come to Turkey. These lawyers play an active role in solving the legal problems of foreigners and provide services within the framework of existing legislation, case law, and court decisions.

Services Provided Under Foreigners Law Consultancy

As JİT DANIŞMANLIK, the comprehensive legal consultancy services we offer for foreigners include the following areas:

  • Obtaining Work Permits: Applying for and following up on work permits for foreigners who wish to work in companies in Turkey.
  • Obtaining Residence Permits: Applying for and following up on residence permits for foreigners who wish to stay in Turkey for an extended period.
  • Applying for Turkish Citizenship: Providing all necessary legal support and managing the application processes for transitioning to Turkish citizenship.
  • Customs Procedures: Resolving legal issues that foreigners may encounter when entering and exiting Turkey.
  • Real Estate Investment: Providing legal support for foreigners who wish to invest in real estate in Turkey.
  • Marriage and Divorce Procedures: Providing legal consultancy services for foreigners in marriage and divorce processes in Turkey.
  • Establishing Companies: Providing legal support for foreigners in the process of establishing companies in Turkey.

Foreign Work Permit and Application Process

What is a Foreign Work Permit?

A foreign work permit is an official document issued by the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Services, allowing foreigners to legally work and reside in Turkey. Foreign work permits can be issued as temporary, permanent, or independent permits.

How to Apply for a Foreign Work Permit?

Applications for foreign work permits in Turkey can be made in two ways: domestically and abroad.

  • Application from Abroad: A foreigner applies for a work visa at the Turkish Consulate or Embassy in their country of residence.
  • Application from Within Turkey: Foreigners with at least a six-month residence permit in Turkey can apply to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security online.

Services Provided by JİT DANIŞMANLIK for Foreigners

At JİT DANIŞMANLIK, we provide professional support for our clients' employees in Foreigners Law processes. To enhance the mobility of human resources and provide international standard services, we offer the following services:

  • Obtaining residence permits for foreigners,
  • Obtaining work permits for foreigners,
  • Applying for and managing Turkish citizenship processes,
  • Providing legal support in real estate investment processes for foreigners,
  • Providing legal consultancy in marriage and divorce processes for foreigners in Turkey,
  • Supporting the establishment of companies by foreigners in Turkey.

At JİT DANIŞMANLIK, we offer comprehensive and professional services to solve the legal problems that foreigners may encounter in Turkey and simplify their processes. We provide fast and definitive solutions in foreign work permit applications and guide companies according to legislative changes.

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