Broiler chicken production business plan

Broiler chicken production business plan
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Broiler Chicken Production Business Strategy

Prepared for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the chicken production sector; You can find detailed information about the business plan, feasibility study and SWOT analysis.

Broiler chicken production business plan has been prepared by the expert editors of JİT DANIŞMANLIK in accordance with the Turkish market.

In this content, which has 24 pages in total; We answer all the questions of entrepreneurs who want to start a new business, down to the smallest detail.

Broiler chicken production General Information

Poultry sector in the world, poultry sector in Turkey, broiler presence in Turkey, target audience in broiler sector, audience target in broiler sector

Broiler chicken production Opening a Business

Location – service – size selection, Broiler chicken production process, Machinery and equipment required for your business, Facility capacity, Annual production capacity, Legal permits required for the establishment of your business

Broiler chicken production Marketing

Marketing plan, Methods of promotion to the target audience, Main objectives in sales and marketing activities, Measures for competition

Broiler chicken production Investment

Broiler production SWOT analysis, Strengths – weaknesses – opportunities, threats, Important organizations in the broiler meat sector, Government supports, Loans given by banks, Expert opinion

Broiler production Financial statements

Raw material expenses, Electricity-fuel-water expenses, Maintenance - repair, Labor and personnel expenses, Rental expenses, General management, Sales-marketing, Depreciation, Annual operating income, Total investment amount, Income - expense statement, Estimated cash flow statement, Financing statement for the period of investment

Broiler production Rating

Net Present Value, Profitability Index, Financial Internal Profitability Ratio, Economic Life, Return on Investment, Return on Investment, Employment Contribution, Value Added Contribution, Breakeven Point, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Social Value Added Contribution, Physical Values, Payback Period

Broiler Chicken Production Business Plan

In the broiler chicken production business plan, you will be able to find topics such as what you should pay attention to when producing broiler chickens, what machinery and equipment you need, and how much chicken you need to produce in order to make money from your business. In addition, you will be able to find out which companies you will sell to, which chicken companies you need to produce for, and the conditions and how much your business will cost you. If you are planning to produce broiler chickens, it is useful to take a look at our business plan.

What you can find in the business plan;

Structure of the poultry sector

  1. Your target audience and audience target
  2. Where you should open your poultry business; Choice of location, service and size
  3. The number of staff and staff you need to employ
  4. The requirements for you to produce and the legal permits that must be obtained from the state.
  5. Dealership or your own brand in the poultry sector?
  6. Top 5 companies that have contract manufacturing
  7. Sales-marketing plans to ensure the sustainability of your business
  8. Advertising and promotion plans to improve your business and portfolio
  9. Plans for competition
  10. SWOT analysis of poultry sector

The details you can find in the financial statements prepared for you are listed below:

  1. Fixed investment costs
  2. The amount of equity (capital) required for the start-up
  3. Expense tables
  4. Income statements
  5. Estimated annual cash flow
  6. Break-even point
  7. Return on investment
  8. Marginal utility rate
  9. The minimum amount of sales you need to make in order to make a profit

You will encounter calculations such as etc.

Our business plan prepared for you is a guide that will shed light on you while establishing your business and making it sustainable. Our business plan is a feasibility report, and thanks to the swot analysis, it will enable you to be in a stronger position against the risks that may occur, as well as contribute to taking precautions in a timely manner.

Importance of Purchasing for Broiler Chicken Production Business Plan

In the broiler chicken production business, strategic purchasing is a critical component for success. Efficient procurement ensures that high-quality feed, healthy chicks, and necessary equipment are acquired at competitive prices, which in turn enhances productivity and profitability. Reliable suppliers and timely purchases directly impact the growth rate, health, and overall quality of the broilers, ultimately determining the business's market competitiveness and financial performance.

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